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10 classical music to stream in April

With a wider return to indoor, in-person performances are still kind of off, here are 10 highlights from the flood of online music content coming in April. (Times listed are Eastern)

April 2 at 9 am;; Available from 4 April.

This concert sells itself: John Eliot Gardiner, one of the world’s finest Bach interpreters, leading his Monteverdi Choir and English baroque solicitors to the “St.” John Passion ”- on Good Friday, no less. Not always as popular, and always More controversial, Its brother “Matthew Passion compared to St.,” St. “John” is nonetheless a work Gardiner feels passionately about. As he wrote in his book “Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven”, It is “an adventure and complex of story and meditation, religion and politics, music and theology, as it has ever been.” Joshua Baron

April 6 at 7 pm;; Available indefinitely.

Ataka players are unable to attend the dull concerts; One of the last live performances I heard before last year’s lockdown showed them Mastery of the joy of the string quartet by caroline shaw. He was at the Miller Theater, which is hosting this livestream of selections from John Adams’s “John of the Book of Allied Dance”; Gabriella Smith’s Frightening Jam Session “Carrot Revolution”; And “Benkei’s Standing Death,” a 2020 work by Paul Vianko “the lift” For the string-quartet tradition and with an understanding of affection. Joshua Baron

April 9 at 1 pm;; Available through October 9.

We usually associate the phrase “period instruments” with the Baroque era. But the change in music technology has been continuous and profound over the ages, as can the revelations of a performance “Period Beethoven” or “Period Wagner” – or period debacy! François-Xavier Roth and his ensemble, Les Sirius, have long sewn their interpretations – and the instruments they use – to different tasks. He has recorded Dibsy as he may have sounded at the turn of the 20th century, and now directs (and accompanies) his era 1902 “Peleus” for Opora de Lille Very beautiful set Designed by Daniel JeanTue). ZACHARY WOOLFE

April 10 at 8 pm;; Available on demand from 15 April to 30 May.

This impressive ensemble of undergraduate students at Bard College presents a uniquely daring program, run by Leon Botstein. It opens with Tannia Leone’s stunning “Okana” from 2008, followed by a rumor on Bernstein’s “Serenade”: Plato’s “Symposium” that takes the form of an intense, episodic violin concert with Jongcheng Zhang Is as a soloist. The brilliant pianist Blair Macmillan appears at Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments, a terrific but rarely performed piece. The event concludes with Mendelssohn’s upbeat “Scottish” symphony. Anthony Tomasini

April 12 at 8 am;; Available from 12 May.

When this German baritone sang Schubert’s “Die Sean Mullerin” cycle at the Park Avenue Armory two years ago. wrote In The New York Times he was “the precise focus of an actor’s text, the charisma of an experienced storyteller and a wry voice.” If you, like me, missed that performance, another opportunity comes with this from London’s Wigmore Hall. Appl will have the same partner in Armory, in pianist James Baillieu, so we’ll see if he can put the same spell on screen. ZACHARY WOOLFE

April 15 at 12:01 am;; Available indefinitely.

In the past, I have found recordings of this Philip Glass “Pocket Opera” to be adapted from Kafka’s short story Little slogans. But a staging can make all the difference, especially when talking (as) with a talkative libretto. This 2018 production by Opera Parallèle – presented as part of this year’s digital edition Glasses Days and Nights Festival – Turned me to work. Thanks to a strong pair of lead performances and a simple yet effective black-box set, Kafka’s bureaucratic dystopia sparkles with a fresh lacquer of shimmering humor. Seth Color Walls

April 15 at 1 pm;; Available indefinitely.

Epidemic this way Great plans for the orchestra To welcome Esa-Pekka Salonen as its new music director. But now San Francisco, with its own streaming service, is giving Salonen a chance at Salonen – though, to start defining his tenure. For this Soundbox program, he is focusing on musical pattern ideas. While the program features some well-worn Minimalist favorites by Steve Reich and Terry Riley, the most interesting item is a premiere of Salonen himself: “Saltut Sobrius,” a fantasy on Perotine’s medieval “Sedantine Principles”. Seth Color Walls

April 15 at 10 pm;; Available from 14 July.

The first book of Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” dominated the pianist’s 2020 performance schedule. Of course, he was not, but last spring, he still produced A series of currents Capacity related work. He returns to its totality for this concert presented by Cal Performance. ZACHARY WOOLFE

April 29 at 7 am;; Available from 29 July.

All three streams of this month’s hall will be worth watching, including the premiere of Huwa Watkins’s Symphony No. 2. 15 April. But this last show of the season is the most ambitious: an account of Stravinsky’s “The Soldier’s Tale” filmed on location in the orchestra’s hometown, Manchester, England. Amidst the 1918 epidemic of influenza, Stravinsky asked for smaller forces: only seven instruments supporting three actors and one dancer. Mark handles the Elder, and Annabel Arden and Femi Alfovoju Jr. direct. David allen

April 29 at 7:30 pm;; Available from 6 May.

The event is billed as the “commemorative trio”, and is no exaggeration. Beethoven’s Trio in the E-Flat (Op. 70, No. 2) is a majestic, searching and, at times, charmingly quizzical work. Fantastic pianist Juho Pohjon joined violinist Paul Huang and cellist Jacob Corrani in a taped performance in 2015. Composed in 1854 and revised in 1889, Brah’s Trio No. 1 in B, provides music by this composer in his early days – again some 35 years later, when he was a probing, mature master. Pianist Orion Weisz, violinist Annie Kavafian and cellist Carter Bray perform from 2017. ANTHONY TOMMASINI

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