Tuesday, April 13, 2021

‘100 Boyfriends’ Tells Loud and Lonely Stories of Desire and Heartbreak

Pain is present everywhere in this book but is felt through mildew, whiskey and a fog of experience. No new untoward, no shock. Each is an example of insult; The heart breaks along its normal fracture lines.

It may be another way of saying that this is a book about aging: “Some friends were dead and some were disappearing, having children and moving away, old and tired and Going away, or just secretly going crazy and going away – it was all the same effect. The climate felt cold. “

Nevertheless, the erotic thrill continues. Pernell is so good at sex; The scenes are so dirty and true that they attract everyone’s attention. The book has been warmly welcomed, but critics, describing sex, have eagerly separated it from the lives of men who meet in the midst of a change of work or walk together because one is homeless, says , Or is accustomed to. Here the ruthlessness of fantasies, imagined anonymity, and real headaches, genuine communion, honorable, obstructing the work of loyalty and endurance, assimilating old lovers, even “vivid” to that living room. Piece of human trash. “

Remember the devil lover? Pentagram with condom and magic: gathering lessons? The sex was terrible. “I want, like, eat a cheeseburger or roam around on the Internet,” the narrator said. Both sleep only once, but “I still meet them every other Wednesday to play the game.”

No one is left out. The white boy with regrettable dreadlocks remains a friend. Even when the characters are humiliated, they accept us as soon as they walk out the door – “Certainly.” But next time, my role will become clear. “At the STD clinic, he thinks of the lover who sent him there, a character thumping his pills. “I’ll have their breakfast tonight and get my antibiotics again tomorrow.”

What does “lover” mean in this context, where men go out so often, lovers become friends or johns? “Boyfriend” is a fantasy of rescue, stability, care – but it is a reality, Pernell shows, that men are often already in each other, so different in forms that they differ from their expectations of it. Can not recognize

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