2 killed in random shooting of ‘Purge’ movie, say officials

A second man died Saturday during a screening of “The Forever Purge,” a movie about chaos and murder, at a California theater that officials called a “random and unprovoked attack.”

The Riverside County District Attorney’s office said Monday that Anthony Barajas, 19, and Ryle Goodrich, 18, were shot in the head at a movie theater in Corona, about 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Police said Mr Barajas and Ms Goodrich were together, attending a show “Forever Pure” which tells the story of “members of an underground movement” who are “not satisfied with an annual night of anarchy and murder,” according to one Summary.

The assassins in the film “decide to overtake America through an endless campaign of mayhem and genocide.” It is the fifth installment in a movie franchise that began with “The Purge” in 2013.

Officials said that theater workers cleaning the auditorium after the film was over shot Mr. Barrage and Ms. Goodrich.

Ms. Goodrich was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials said Mr Barjas was taken to hospital, where he was put on life support. Mr. Baraj passed away on Saturday, the police said.

Mr. Barjas was famous on tik tok, where he posted lip-sync videos, skits and interviews with strangers. He had over 960,000 followers, some of whom used the hashtags #ripanthony and #pray4anthony in posts about him.

Malik Ernest, his friend, wrote on twitter that Mr Barrage was taken “for an ‘honor walk’ where he would eventually donate his organs so that others could live.”

“I want to thank everyone who raised Anthony in prayer,” Mr Ernest wrote. “His brain injuries were irreparable.”

Riverside County District Attorney, Mike Hestrin, said in a statement On Friday, 20-year-old Joseph Jimenez was charged with murder and attempt to murder, among other charges.

Officials said they were not releasing a motive for the shooting, and there appears to be no connection between Mr Jimenez and Mr Barajas and Ms Goodrich.

“Based on the evidence provided to our office, this appears to be a random and unprovoked attack,” the statement said.

the police said Witness accounts led them Mr Jimenez, who was arrested on Tuesday night. Police said detectives issued a search warrant at his home in El Cerrito, Calif., and recovered a firearm and other evidence related to the shooting.

The Regal Edwards Corona Crossing Theater was closed on Saturday, and theater officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The venue is scheduled to open on Sunday, its website said.

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