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5 takeaways from former House Speaker John Boehner’s new book

In the book, “On the House: A Washington Memoir,” Bohner criticizes A conservative media that profits on resentment, The rise of Tea Party Republicans uninterrupted in effective government and readiness to traffic in the conspiracies of those politicians and media figures. The Ohio Republican also presents details of how he has worked with the president and congressional leaders, calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ruthless and formidable, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell as smart and agile, and former President Barack Obama as arrogant. .

And he shares a stern view of former President Donald Trump, writing that it was a pleasure for Trump to leave his office before his inauguration.

Boener’s book contains five teakways, released by CNN the following week.

Boehner blamed Trump and his lies Regarding the election fraud for the January 6 riots in the Capitol, the former president wrote that “for nothing more than selfish reasons provoked a bloody rebellion, snatched by the bulls *** He ran a fair in November last year Shovel had been running since he lost the election. “

“He claimed voter fraud without any evidence, and repeated those claims, taking advantage of the trust levied on him by his supporters and ultimately betraying that trust,” Boehner wrote.

In another passage, Bohner not only refuses to let Republicans spend the Senate on Trump’s “refusal to accept the outcome of the election, but also leads the mob to violence.”

Strong criticism of Tea Party figures

Boener’s book is an interactive tour through his rise as a bomb-throwing congressman in the House, his rise to leadership roles with mentors such as former President Gerald Ford in the House, his dealings with both McConnell and Democratic leaders, and Disappointments with them. Tea Party generation conservatives including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and two former House members and Trump chiefs: Mick Mulvaney and Mark Meadows.

“If I hadn’t learned Jerry Ford’s knowledge of the House early in my career, I probably would have spent a few words as a Meadows / Mulvany-type Jack throwing bombs before leaving the house and going home. Those choices are enough to make me sick, ”Boener writes.

He presents his most rigorous assessment about Cruz, who stated that in early 2010 it was difficult to act as a speaker.

“Under Crazytown’s new rules, I could have been the speaker, but I had not caught full power. By 2013 the chaotic Kak in the House had built its power base to thank the right-wing media and the outrage-driven media. Fundraising Cash. And now he had a new head who wasn’t even a member of the House. Nothing is more dangerous than a careless ** hole who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Senator Ted Cruz, “Bohner Let’s write.

When Don Young placed a knife around his neck

Boehner told some of the well-worn Washington stories, stating that Alaska Rape. Don Young drew a 10-inch knife and placed it on his throat some distance away from the floor of the house after attacking Boehner’s speeches.

Boehner wrote, “You never do that,” “He grew up,” he replied looking at Young in his eyes and said, “F *** you.” ”

Young once told Politico that Boehner The account of the incident is “mostly true.”

He writes that he told then-Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid after a meeting in the White House, after Reid – whether Boehner made a deliberate attempt to flog House conservatives as a conservative. The House is called the “Speaker’s dictatorship”.

“The speech was aimed right at House Houses – he was trying to raise them even more and make my situation worse. So when I saw him in the White House the next day, before the meeting, Mitch McConnell’s Was talking quietly together. ” I went, bumped into Reid’s face and said, ‘Do you also hear everything that comes out of your mouth?

Praise for DC veterans in both parties

Boener largely praises longtime Washington figures in both political parties, many of whom have died, including former Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy, former Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain (whom he says They are loved, but have faults for choosing one of them) “in 2008” and former Michigan Democratic Representative John Dingell as their running mate.

He has referred to President Joe Biden several times as “Uncle Joe” and writes that Biden once hedged at the last minute on his deal to easily take on standings ovation during Obama’s state.

He even praised Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders behind his back.

“By the way, the thing about Bernie is that he’s probably the most honest person to ever run for president. We’ve come together in Congress, and I can tell you, he really believes all the crazy people That *** Boehner writes, “So he can be paranoid, but at least he’s not cynical – and a non-cynical politician is rare, no matter how you cut it,” Boehner writes.

Boener’s relationship with Trump

Boener writes that the two found each other playing golf before Trump entered politics.

“When he first took the position for advice or conversation, he used to call me often. I felt that when he felt that he was wrong, he was never afraid to tell it, and when he got it right, he Encouraged. But the calls came less and less. As his tenure went on. It probably happened because he was more comfortable in the job. But I also suspect that he was just tired of me advising me to shut up. Were, ”Boehner writes.

He says it was a pleasure for Trump to leave office before he became president.

Boehner writes, “I was out of office when Donald Trump was inaugurating as the forty-fifth president of our country. I wasn’t sure because I belonged to the Republican Party he had formed.”

CNN’s Dan Merika, Caroline Kelly, Lauren Denzenki, Claire Foran, Ethan Cohen, Alex Rogers, Jason Hoffman and Terence Burliss contributed to this report.


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