9-year-old girl pepper-sprayed by Rochester police was latest child of color ‘adultified’ by authorities. Here’s why that’s so dangerous.

9-year-old girl pepper-sprayed by Rochester police was latest child of color ‘adultified’ by authorities. Here’s why that’s so dangerous.

On February 1, 2021 in Rochester, New York, USA, a nine-year-old girl protested after police put her hand and put a chemical bottleneck.  REUTERS / Lindsey Didario

People protested after being restrained by police and put a chemical bottleneck on a 9-year-old girl on February 9 in Rochester, NY. 1. (Lindsey Diario / Reuters)

When 9 year old rochester girl news Pepper is being sprayed by the police It made headlines earlier this month – and then towards the end of last week, as Newly released footage Scolding the girl – this prompted many to speak once again against police brutality, with the girl’s mother, Elba pope, She is preparing to file a lawsuit against the police department.

But an exchange from the incident – the police asked the girl to “stop acting like a child”, and she replied, “I’m a baby!” – A particular brand has rocketed across the country: it has been rethought as to how children of color like the clueless girl are often seen by white-rights adults – and how that notion has been proven time and again. is. a matter of life and death.

“The fact that this officer cannot hear and process it by saying, ‘I am a child’ is a big problem,” Tracy HowIs a co-founder of Center for policing equityYahoo tells Life. She says that the young girl was not only a victim of police brutality, but she was also known Adulthood bias – A form of prejudice that treats black children as older than them, leading to “teachers, parents, and law.” [to be] Less protective and more punitive with some children. “

Casey, a 25-year-old Denver Police Department and 4-year-old New York Police Department vet, says, “Race is a factor in being an adult. This is the same thing that happens with young black boys and confirms that black girls are less innocent. “

The recent Rochester incident is the latest example of this kind. Just last month, A School Resource Officer in Florida Slammed a black high school girl on the body, making her conscious – a scene reminiscent of people who have gone viral many times before. in Study 2017, University of Florida law professor Michelle S. Jacobs investigated instances in which black girls are asked to assist them by assaulting officers, noting that the use of social media has led to greater awareness on the issue.

In his study, Yakub “In the summer of 2015, in McKinney, Texas, white officers were filmed responding to the noise at a pool party.” … An officer appears to see a black teenage girl wearing only a bikini, throwing her on the ground and handcuffing her to her knee. The same officer pulled out his loaded service revolver and pointed at the other black girls who were guests at the party.

ROCHESTER, NY - FEBRUARY 3: Diallo Payne March 3, 2021 for a small protest outside the Rochester Police Locust Club in Rochester.  On January 29, a Rochester police officer spread an irritant to the face of a 9-year-old girl, who was sitting in the back of a squad car.  (Photo by Libby March / via Getty Image for The Washington Post)

One worker says, “The fact that this officer can’t hear and ‘I’m a child’ is a big problem. On February 3, a woman was seen protesting in Rochester after police sprayed chili . 9-year-old girl. (Photo: via Getty Image for Libby March / Washington Post)

In the fall of 2016, he continues, Washington, DC, police arrested an 18-year-old girl by dropping her to the ground and handcuffing her, because, “she talked them back.” That same year, police in Hagerstown, Md., Pepper sprayed and handcuffed with a 15-year-old black girl, Jacobs said, “The story outside of Brooklyn, where the police actually shot a teenage black girl through a plate Looked at. The glass window of a shop.… When the officer dropped a black girl to the ground and repeatedly slammed her face on the floor, her friend came to help her. In response, police told her Looked through the plate glass window. “

As Jacobs explained, “Not only is there stereotypes about the black female behavior factor here, it may also be possible that girls are triggering [a] Risk of manhood or threat of legitimacy among officers

Other researchers have observed this phenomenon: In 2017, a Phenomenal The study found that adult men make black girls “feel less innocent and more adult than their white peers, especially in the age range of 5-14,” and many believed that black Girls require less nutrition, protection, comfort and support.

a 2014 study It was found that both college students and police officers were “more likely to reduce the age of young black boys than younger white boys; They were also less likely to consider black children innocent. “Furthermore, this research showed that the participants’ prejudices were reinforced with Unconscious dehumanization of black children – Whatever coincides with the amount of force used against them.

Author of the study, Yale Professor Philip Atiba Goff, CEO of Center for Police Equity, Explained In a 2014 post for the American Psychological Association, although “in most societies, children are considered to be in a separate group, such as those with innocence and the need for protection … Black boys at an age when their whites are white.” Can be considered responsible. Boys still benefit from the notion that children are basically innocent. “

Effects of adults on children of color

Since the Rochester incident, Elba Pope Publicly advocating for her child, explaining that she is painful and now afraid of any police officer she sees. Speaking with News 10 NBC, Pope revealed that he planned to sue the city in a bid to “force police to reform and control mental health crises”.

“To protect my daughter, and possibly help anyone with future children or mental health, I’m absolutely ready to take it to court,” Pope said. “They need to change the system. It needs to be improved. … I trusted [the Rochester Police Department], And they disappointed me a lot. He demoralized the society. They let anyone stay away from any kind of mental issues. In reply, New York State introduced legislation prohibiting police officers from using pepper spray on children – but historically, the consequences of adulthood bias have been even greater than the use of a chemical irritant, sometimes- Sometimes even death happens.

In 2016, ACLU Ohio Policy Director Shakira Diaz wrote, “Today state violence against black children is expressed insecurely School suspension, Arrest, charge, adjudication, Bind over for adult prisons Deadly force at the hands of police For the same behavior as their white peers. Like many black children, his childhood was robbed, “she continued,” Tamir Rice was a victim of racial standardization. One of the six men who killed Emmitt Till said, ‘He looked like a man.“Compare Mike Brown”Hulk Hogan,” And Trevian Martin was Depicted as a demon By the media, all, in each of the cases mentioned, there was public justification for their murders.

Casey further states that the way Rochester officers responded at the age of 9 is directly linked to some activists’ ongoing calls to discredit the police. She explains, “These patterns that we see around how we police in black communities. The other is why segregation and defamation are discussed. If there is no other tool for that particular officer, then Perhaps you don’t need to respond to that officer – but the money needs to go to another group of people who can respond in a more appropriate way. “

In addition, Casey says that part of the national conversation around police brutality focuses on forces being more Black officers, not necessarily a realistic solution. “I say, ‘Where are you going to bring them?” Because I can tell you, with constant conversation and interaction [policing of Black communities], Why on earth would I want my child to wear that uniform? “

Adulthood bias beyond police

It is not only from the point of view of law enforcement that black and brown babies are seen as menstruating and thus more endangered. School authority figures also topped the list. In response, and to facilitate the creation of a safe environment for organizations such as black children (especially black girls) Education Trust And EveryBlackGirl Continue to advocate for policy reforms and will be responsible for the inherent bias of white authoritarians. However, despite their best efforts, the damage cannot be undone for many children.

“She will take him with her. She will never forget that she was Macedon by the police, “says the Casey Rochester girl.” In fact, they knew about him. [prior to this incident] And she had been in handcuffs before – she is even more problematic. Trauma is trauma – but when it is more painful… [from] Someone who is going to help you. It is about the safety of this child being an adult and what we know. “

Finally, Rochester officials, through their actions, “have complicated mental health issues,” he says. “So that the original crisis is not involved in whatever it is, but it is [also] [new] Being hurt … Now you are injured and injured, so you start to get that injury with help. How do you begin the process of the overall effects on him and his body and mind? All those things will have a lasting effect. Period.”

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