A crane fell on top of a building in downtown Toronto, causing damage

Toronto Fire District Chief Stephen Powell told CNN that the counterweight, part of the crane, meant to prevent it from tipping over, was located on top of the Esplanade residential building after falling about 20 feet.

He said authorities were informed about the incident at the intersection of The Esplanade and Yonge Street just after 2 p.m.

According to Powell, the condominium’s top six floors are mechanical rooms used for building maintenance, so no dwelling units were damaged.

The head of the Toronto Fire Platoon, Kevin Shaw, said the crane, which had a weight of about 20,000 pounds, shifted, resulting in the crane overturning. CNN Newsgathering partner CTV News.
“This crane collapsed [caused] There has been some structural damage to the roof area, but there is no danger to any of the floors below, to tenants or anything and hasn’t gone into any apartment units.” Shaw told CTV.
There was no damage to the Meridian Hall’s Center for the Performing Arts, which is attached to the Toronto Police building said on twitter

Powell said the city’s structural engineers were assessing the damage caused by the crane, adding that no one was reported injured.

CNN has contacted Dell Property Management, which owns 8 The Esplanade, for comment.


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