Thursday, May 6, 2021

A ‘frustrated’ deGrom allows a run at a loss in Boston

And with nine more strikes on Wednesday, Degrom tied Nolan Ryan’s record of 59 strikes in the first five games of a season.

DeGrom’s debut has garnered attention for a long time, but this year they have been elevated to see appointments, just as Tom Sewer, Dwight Gooden, Pedro Martinez and even Matt Harvey pitch at home did. The stands were often full and buzzing when the aces were in their Prague.

This year, seating capacity is limited at City Field due to the coronovirus epidemic, but 8,000 fans are still able to make a fuss when DeGrom is at his peak, the way he was against Washington. On Wednesday, he felt he was not at the same level, especially when he needed 10 pitches to overcome Nick Pichiev, the opposing starting pitcher who closed six straight pitches before striking out in the third. done.

It is not going to be against DeGrom. Nor are the teams hitting him three hard doubles when he is throwing his best stuff. But he has allowed just two earned runs in a full year, and has lost both of those games, leading to more questions about the lack of run support from the Spetting Mets batsmen.

“I try not to think too much about it,” deGrom said. “I am more disappointed that I was not able to make the pitch in the second innings.”

The mules that have been mercilessly uprooted after being pigmented in comparison to Wednesday night are no less important than themselves. He said his mechanic was off, so he was unable to locate his fastball, especially in the strike zone. He was allowed to take advantage of a good hitting team like the Red Sox.

But in fact, he availed only once. Xander Bogaerts led off the second inning with a double inning to the wall in left field, and one later, Christian Vazquez, doubled Bogaerts to the right. That was it. The only other hit Dagrom surrendered was a double-line line down the right-field line with two outs in the fourth inning by Rafael Devers, and he then dismissed Wazek.

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