Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Love Story Heating Up: Justin Bieber + Maple Leafs

For those paying attention, the evidence has long been in plain sight. Brad’s wife, model and influential Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Tie a hat on in New York. Bieber With Carlton, Leaf mascot. Bieber Next to myself Returned to the playoffs last season. Was Then When time, When he announced in 2021 that the Leafs would win the Stanley Cup.

Defenseman Morgan Realy said this week, “BBS is a very special person and an incredibly talented artist.” “He is eager to work with the team and spend time around people. I think it’s a great opportunity. We’re very fortunate to play for this organization, and I think it’s in those things Is the one who comes with it. “

In December 2019, Bieber invited Matthews, Merner and Tyson Barry to his hometown, Stratford, Ontario, along with Edmonton, Play pickup hockey With his childhood friends. Matthew Wears clothes From Drew House, Bieber’s fashion line. Bieber and Matthews did Instagram live When hockey was discontinued in the early days of the epidemic. Bieber teaches Maraner Delicious Dance. Going back a decade, when Beib dropped into a Leafs practice in Toronto for a concert.

In late February Bieber came into contact with the team and asked them to produce a video set on “Hold On”.

“It was Justin’s idea; He wrote a love song and Maple Leafs are one of the great loves of his life. “He came out to see if we wanted to help him release the song. From our point of view it was exciting to reach a fan to do something with us. He is a hometown fan and his relationship with us is authentic. “

And their influence is huge, more than the team and the league. Bieber has 166.5 million Instagram followers, 114 million on Twitter and 61.5 million on YouTube. When compared, the NHL has 6.3 million on Twitter and 4.5 million on Instagram, and about a third of the Maple Leafs.

“We saw this as an opportunity to reach a new fan base and take hockey outside of North America,” Hosford said. “They wanted to represent the team as much as possible. It is less about the game and more about the personality of the players. Their association extends this point beyond the basis of our hard work. You understand that there is a love for the game, but it is not really beyond North America.

Hosford said the team saw an immediate bump from the video to its social channels and platforms, mostly from people outside the Toronto market.

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