A New Pregnancy and an Oprah Interview Refocus a Spotlight on Harry and Meghan

A New Pregnancy and an Oprah Interview Refocus a Spotlight on Harry and Meghan

London – Prince Harry and his wife Meghan choose Valentine’s Day to announce him Expecting my second childConfirming the happy news with a dreamy black-and-white photo under a tree – a child barefooted with a barefoot Harry Meghan’s hair, her baby was slightly younger than her smile.

Within a day, Britain’s tableau was on hold. It was an unspecified performance for the prince who is still sixth to the throne, he said. A podiatrist who consulted the Daily Mail said that Harry’s legs looked mildly deformed, accompanied by bunions that may have been the result of his rigorous military training.

When Harry and Meghan celebrate the first anniversary of their bitter split with the British royal family, it is clear that the wounds have not yet healed – Between or even between him and the tabloid press, according to people with ties to Buckingham Palace and members of the House of Windsor.

Harry will soon be stripped of his honorary military orders and patronage appointments, the results of a 12-month review of the agreement that codifies the couple’s return from duties as full-time royals. Meghan also lost her appointments, which include the Patron of the National Theater.

None of this is surprising to those who follow the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II made it clear that she would not tolerate half-hearted treatment with the couple, who began a lucrative life in California With podcasts and programming deals. According to the man who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the affairs of the palace, it is still treacherous for Harry, who worked as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan and respected his military ties Does.

The Times of London royal correspondent Valentin Low said, “It was inevitable for anyone with any sense.” “He has done these commercial deals with Netflix and Spotify. But it confirms the stability of the division. “

Under the terms of Severance agreement, In January 2020 in Sandringham, the Queen’s country residence The couple agreed to confer the title of Her Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness.. He also dropped Shahi from his charitable foundation and social media accounts. But he is known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the title Elizabeth bestowed upon him.

As if to reinforce their newfound independence, the couple agreed to a prime-time interview with Oprah Winfrey, which would air on March 7 in the United States. Palace officials are shaming themselves for revealing the 39-year-old Meghan. The former American actress, felt isolated and unwanted after her fairy-tale marriage to Harry at Windsor Castle in 2018.

Let us tell you that in all the interviews, there was talk of a train wreck for the royal family, which was 1994’s confession of Prince Charles, he was unfaithful to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. A year later, Diana told an interviewer, “There were three of us at this wedding.” In 2019, Prince Andrews Clumsy defense of his friendship With convicted sexual predator, Jeffrey Epstein transformed his life from public life.

Ms Winfrey is friendly with Harry and Meghan, so her questions are unlikely as given to Andrew by BBC journalist Emily Matlis. Nevertheless, the choice of arguably the most famous American celebrity interviewer for his large post-imperial disclosure has taken an edge in London’s media establishment.

The timing may be even strange after the news that the Queen’s 99-year-old husband Prince Philip was admitted to a hospital in London on Tuesday with an unspecified illness. Buckingham Palace said that Duke Philip of Edinburgh did not have a coronovirus and that hospitalization was a precaution. He and Rani were given their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine in January.

It also did not help that CBS announced the interview on Sunday only after the Duchess won a confidentiality case against the Mail. A High Court judge ruled that the tabloid Had illegally published a letter Meghan had sent to her father, Thomas Markle. The decision was a victory over those who “built their business models to benefit from people’s pain”, he said in a statement.

“They don’t have a large store of affection among the tabloids because they essentially declare war on them,” said Mr Low of the Times. “There’s also a generation thing that goes on.”

Younger people, who get their news from social media, tend to be more enthusiastic about the couple than older people who read tabloids. For many, Meghan’s double-edged background and acting career breathed fresh air into a cool institution. But for some older, more traditional British people, the sudden departure of the couple to California was the Queen’s rejection of herself.

The British media was really excited about Meghan’s pregnancy, especially given that she had a painful miscarriage in July, An experience he wrote candidly in the New York Times last November. But the way this good news was announced was turned into criticisms, unless it was on its own terms, with the couple canceling hateful press coverage.

For the photo shoot under the tree, he hired a Nigerian-origin British photographer, Miss Harriman, who has photographed the protests of Black Lives Matter as well as the cover of British Vogue. He is a friend of the couple.

“He left Britain to get away from relentless campaigning,” said royal biographer Penny Junor. “They could not tolerate the lack of privacy; Yet at every turn, they demand publicity for themselves.

Royal watchers say the tension between the couple’s old and new life was inevitable – and has actually been masked by the epidemic. Travel restrictions have not raised any questions about Harry not appearing for his cousin’s wedding, Princess Beatrice, one of Andrew’s daughters, last July.

But after taking refuge in their palaces and palaces in the past 11 months, the royal family is heading out for a series of summer festivities that will be even harder for a prodigal prince: the queen’s 95th birthday and Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, both celebrated in June; And what would be his 60th birthday, the installation of a statue of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace on 1 July.

Even before the news of Meghan getting pregnant, the couple’s plans for a summer trip were uncertain. Several letters stated that Harry could travel to Britain but the Duchess would stay home to take care of her son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

“If they came back and did cute shots for the press with their children, I think the press could be very favorable,” Ms Junor said. “Originally, he was very much loved. But there are many people who think that he has led her astray. “




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