Friday, May 7, 2021

ABC sells advertising time for the Oscars, with even fewer people expected to see it.

ABC has sold its advertising list for the pandemic-delayed Academy Awards on Sunday, which includes companies such as Google, General Motors, Rolex and Verizon. Estimated $ 2 million spent For every 30 second spot, according to media buyers – only a slight drop from last year’s pricing, even though television viewers are expected to Increasingly small.

Rita Farrow, president of Disney Advertising Sales, selling ads on Disney-owned ABC, announced the sale. He declined to comment on pricing or how much revenue Disney would generate from telecasts. Last year, Oscar According to Kantar Media, a research firm, about $ 129 million came out in 56 advertisements. (A red-carpet press attracted $ 16.3 million in 42 commercials.)

Additional revenue comes from “integration” and other sponsors. For example, for the first time, ABC will have a sponsor for closed-captioning (Google). Updat: ABC’s revenue for telecasts is projected to decline by only 3 to 5 percent from last year – a small drop from the expected 50 to 60 percent drop in viewing.

The ceremony is “one of those big cultural moments” that Verizon’s chief creative officer Andrew McKenney said about the company’s decision to purchase advertising space. “This year’s broadcast will be a little different,” he admitted, “but the event will still be an influential and important one for us.”

Last year, about 23.6 million people won the “Parasite” Academy Award for Best Picture, according to Nielsen’s data. he was the one 20 percent drop Last year and a record low. On Sunday, nine million to 12 million people are expected to tune in.

Audiences have been drifting away from award telecasts over the years, but ratings have shrunk their nose and eyeballs during the epidemic. Without a live audience, the shows are overflowing with their energy. The big studios have also postponed major films, which will lead to this year’s awards turning down visual arts films.

The ABC Oscars do not guarantee advertisers audience size, thus removing any possibility for so-called make-goods – additional commercial time at a later date – if ratings are reduced.

Due to the fragmentation of television viewing, ABC has been able to keep advertising rates high. Oscar Night is a shadow of its former self – it attracted 57 million viewers in 1998 – but still draws in one of the largest audiences on broadcast television, certainly for a nonsport telecast. This year’s new advertisers include and Freshpet Dog and Cat Food. Expedia and Adidas have bought commercial time to launch new campaigns.

“We are very happy with where we are,” Ms. Farrow said, citing “the volume, caliber and variety of advertisers on the show.”

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