Abrons Arts Center’s Fall Season Celebrates Trailblazers

Abrons Arts CenterThe lineup for the fall season salutes the groundbreakers and innovators in the arts, public housing and emerging technology.

Craig Peterson, the center’s executive artistic director, said in an interview, “As we move out of isolation, we want to focus on the work that is still happening and is evolving in different ways during the pandemic. Is.” “Because it’s worth the audience.”

Many productions scheduled for the coming season at the 300-seat playhouse were booked ahead of the pandemic and postponed because of it, said Peterson, who recently collaborated with the center’s artistic director Ali Rosa-Salas. Curated the season.

“A lot of them got displaced when we stopped performing live,” he said. “But we have never stopped supporting artists and have always intended to present them.”

The center has scheduled a free concert, “Holy Ground: Land of Two Towers”, by a jazz ensemble. Onyx Collective To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 11 September.

“It felt like an appropriate way to think about the long-term effects of historical moments as we are now,” Rosa-Salas said.

A week later, the center will open a free outdoor photography exhibit, “The Community Matriarchs of NYCHA” (for the New York City Housing Authority), celebrating the five women who have transformed their neighborhoods on the Lower East Side, where they have pioneered food distribution. Organized. For other residents of public housing, especially during the pandemic. Presented as part of the Fotoville Festival 2021 in partnership with digital storytelling platform My Projects Runway, the exhibition will include portraits of Courtney Garvin and video interviews by Christopher Currans and can be viewed until December 1.

“I am really excited to reflect on the rise of women activists in our community and the role of public housing in our neighborhood and city,” said Rosa-Salas.

From there it’s on to Frankenstein, Bigfoot, and Sasquatch, as Abrons presents a streaming video adaptation of Sybil Kempson’s “The Securely Confident, Vouchsafe Keepsake of Mary S” from October 29. First performed as an experimental, four-part radio play in January, Production, presented by 7 Daughters of Eve Thatr. and complete. Co., has been described as a visual journey through the layered universe of “Frankenstein” author Mary Shelley. The new virtual video work will feature hand-cut collages, digital and analog animations, and illustration and collaboration with more than a dozen artists. In-person screenings are also held for Halloween at the new Chocolate Factory Theater.

The season finale from December 10-12 is a live motion-capture piece, “Antidote”, produced in collaboration with Pioneer Works. Directed by Jamaican-born choreographer Marguerite Hemmings and new media artist Lajune McMillian, it explores the relationship between physical motion and motion-capture techniques and how the latter can be used as tools of personal power and liberation. The project is a collaboration with six young artists from high schools in the Lower East Side and Red Hook neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

“It’s an inter-generational experiment and a great way to end the season,” Rosa-Salas said.

Full Season Lineup Available Here abronsartscenter.org.

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