Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Actress Kovid performs nude at the Oscar ceremony in France on art support

Actress Corinne Maserio, 57, took to the stage at the equivalent of the Oscars in France, a fake donkey skin and a blood-stained dress, which was given the award for Best Dress Before Wearing.

The actress had “No Culture No Future” written on her torso, and in a direct address to the French Prime Minister Jean Castex, “Give our art, let us have the genes on her back”.

Theaters and theaters announced two days ago by French President Emmanuel Macron have been closed since 30 October.

According to a press release by students at the National Theater in Strasbourg, protesters have occupied several large theaters across the country this month, demanding “reopening of cultural venues, in compliance with health regulations”.

On Thursday, the government acknowledged that “the cultural industry is one of the regions most affected by the Kovid-19 crisis,” and announced an additional 20 million euros ($ 24 million) in support of the sector.

Other figures used the Cesare function to take aim at the restrictions.

“Without political will, we would not be able to preserve our system, which is so virtuous. My children – who are ages 6 and 8, are amazing ages – can go to Zara but not to the cinema … it’s inconceivable. is.” Producer and director Stephen Demovier referred to the high street clothing chain.

According to data released by France’s Public Health Agency, the figure of French coronavirus deaths reached 90,146 on Friday, as the government raised alarm over increasing pressure on hospitals in the Paris area.

According to the data, 316 deaths occurred in hospitals nationwide on Friday, compared to 265 on Thursday.


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