After 5 days, House Republican leaders condemned Marjorie Taylor Green’s Holocaust comparison and a wave of outrage. Cnn politics

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House Republican leaders have condemned GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Green’s fiery remarks five days later He made a public comparison for the first time Capitol Hill façade rules amid a wave of criticism from Republican and conservative critics, as well as Jewish groups aimed at the silence of Georgia congressmen and party leaders.

“Republican Marjorie is wrong, and her deliberate decision to compare the horrors of the Holocaust with the wearing of masks is horrifying,” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement five days after Green’s original comments, and on Tuesday, made similar comparisons. is.” “Let me be clear: the House Republican Conference condemns this language.”

Representative Steve Scalise of No. 2 House Republican, Louisiana, also responded to Green’s comments for the first time on Tuesday.

“Rep. Scalise does not agree with these comments and strongly condemns these comparisons,” Scalise spokesman Lauren Fine said in a written statement that also attacked the Democrats.

New York Representative Alice Stephanik, the newly elected No. 3 House Republican, also responded to the controversy in a tweet that did not include Green’s name.

“Wearing masks and equating vaccines to the Holocaust is by far the most important human atrocity. We should all work together to educate our fellow Americans on the unimaginable horrors of the Holocaust. #NeverAgain, “Stefnik wrote on Tuesday morning following McCarthy and Scalise’s comments.

In comments first widely reported on Friday, Greene compared the decision of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi To continue to require members of the House to wear masks On the floor of the chamber for the steps taken by the Nazis to control the Jewish population during the Holocaust.

Green, in a conversation with Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody on Real America’s voice TV show “The Water Cooler,” attacked Pelosi and accused him of being a hypocrite, asking GOP members to prove it Is that all have been vaccinated before allowing members, without masks, to the chamber of the House.

“You know, we can see a time in history where people were asked to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second-class citizens, so much so that they put them on trains. Gaya and were taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany., “Green said at the time. “And that’s exactly the kind of abuse Nancy Pelosi is talking about.”

On Tuesday, Green continued his rhetoric, once again tweeting his thoughts about vaccine requirements and the holocaust.

“I never compared it to the Holocaust, only discrimination against Jews in the Nazi years. Stop being involved in leftist media attacks on me,” Green tweeted. Should be concerned about discrimination. Why aren’t they? ”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke out against Green on Tuesday morning when he was asked about his latest comments on the Holocaust.

“Once again a derogatory and malicious comment,” said McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.

Earlier on Tuesday, Republican and conservative critics drew special attention to House Republican leaders for their silence following Greene’s latest tweets.

“A new comment from @mtgreenee is sticking with the Nazi comparison. I’m sure the Republican leadership hasn’t seen it yet, so wanted to alert @GOPLeader, @SteveScaliseGOP, and @EliseStefanik so they can hope in action Able, ”tweeted Bill Kristol, director of Defending Democracy Together, a conservative advocacy group.

Jeff Miller, a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a member of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Council, also highlighted and criticized Greene’s latest tweet on Tuesday.

“WTF is wrong with you?” Trump asked Miller, a former vice president of the inauguration committee, and a one-time aide to the former president. “I think you need to visit the US Holocaust Museum. I’d be happy to make arrangements. So maybe going ahead you won’t make hateful, ignorant and objectionable tweets. If I’m wrong and you’re not ignorant about the Holocaust. ..You are disgusting. ”

Miller has been a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump and helped create a bundle of millions of dollars for the election campaign. He is also close to McCarthy and has previously served as her political advisor.

It is unclear what disciplinary steps can be taken against Greene, either by his convention or by the Chamber overall, which is controlled by Democrats. Green, who was last elected for the first time in his house seat, was His committee functions were taken away earlier this year Following cnn And other outlets unearthed statements of the fiery and violent past he made. At the time, after Republican leaders refused to take that action on their own, House Democrats took the unprecedented step of voting to exclude it from their committees. Instead, the leadership stood by him and attacked the Democrats for voting him.

But in recent times Green’s comments have become a major obligation for GOP leaders trying to unify their conference in the wake of the removal of Representative Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican and former House Republican Conference chair, Huh.

Cheney was among a handful of House Republicans who publicly condemned Green’s remarks just days before McCarthy or Scalise made their remarks.

In response to Green’s initial comments, Cheney tweeted over the weekend, “This is wicked madness. ”

This story has been updated with additional development on Tuesday.

CNN’s Lauren Fox, Jeff Zeleni, Dana Bash and Ted Barrett contributed to this report.


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