Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and America’s Most Liberal Generation

Fortunately, Freelander seems far away to present a vivid report on growing leftist infrastructure, for which the election of the AOC in 2018 was only a step down the anticipated road for a party and, perhaps, a nation transformed. He shies away from telling people who introduced electoral vehicles like Brand New Congress, Individuals and Justice Democrats in the wake of Trump’s victory to pursue media outlets such as The Newcept and Jacobin and Young Turbane Podcasts. Included in the data tank for progress. He describes how Sanders’ two presidential campaigns transformed America’s Democratic Socialists from the remnants of old veterans of the New Left in the 1960s to a dynamo of about 100,000 members. Inevitably, such rapid development has led to ideological clashes between more pragmatic and more utopian comrades.

Most of the active members of this generation who bind together are a mixture of populist anger and political fabric. On the one hand, they rage at the “big-money donors” and “establishment players” in the Democratic Party, who allegedly stand in the way of measures to reduce economic inequality and reverse climate change. Yet they reject dogmatic, sectarian thinking, often plagued by past leftists who, in the words of Daniel Bell, “could only act, and then inadequately, morally, but politically” forcefully immoral. Not in society. “

In order to work a growing social-democratic faction within one of America’s major parties, these activists have demonstrated a strategic realism that their ancestors in the old Socialist Party of Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas never had. After Sanders came close to winning the 2016 Democratic nomination, Freelander writes, “Leftists felt that if they wanted power, and if they wanted to believe they wanted to implement policies, they would get into political fights There will be a need to join, and more importantly, they will have to start winning them. “

Freedlander’s book is informative as an in-house account, yet poses the difficult but unavoidable question of how the “AOC generation” can actually take away “seized” power and “rewrite the rules”. The Left Democrats have built a solid constituency in dark blue districts and metropolitan cities. Most of his key figures are college-educated and carry the qualities of cultural tolerance and racial justice. Although Ocasio-Cortez was serving drinks at a Manhattan bar, when she decided to run for Congress, she grew up in an affluent suburb, attended a good private university, wrote poetry and spent her junior year in Niger Spent where she has served pregnant mothers and also learned how to surf the sand. How will he and his colleagues celebrate Americans who are careful to warm up their programs with their backgrounds, their image, or their ideas?

Michael harringtonThe influential socialist thinker and organizer, who died in 1989, famously worked as a “leftist of the possible”. Under President Biden, rebel Democrats must decide what is not possible in one party and have given up on issues such as union rights and climate change, but will still have to rise or fall with the coalition, including Ocasio-Cortez Both voters who are praised include those who are willing to keep coal-state-centric like Joe Manchin in the Senate.

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