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Thursday night, One person killed eight people at FedEx facility Near Indianapolis Airport before killing himself. this was it 45th mass shooting in US since 16 March.

Yes, you read that right. 45th mass shooting In the US from 16 March. (CNN defines a mass shooting when four or more people – except gunmen – are injured or killed.)

Here is what appears on the American map.

Stunning, right? Sad, right? Outrageous, right?

There is no debate that we have a large-scale violence in this country over guns. Is the scad of data that makes up that point. Here’s one: all the massacres in America in 2019, 73% of them were related to gunsAccording to FBI data. This compares to 39% in Canada, 22% in Australia, and just 4% in England and Wales. Here is another: America Average 120.5 firearms per 100 inhabitants, Twice the next country (Yemen, 52.8 firearms per 100 people). And were About 23 million firearms were purchased in the US in 2020., A new record high.

“Gun violence is an epidemic in this country,” President Joe Biden announced a series of executive orders for guns a week ago. “And it’s an international embarrassment.”

There is very little disagreement even in the context of the general public – that we (and) should do some things to overcome this problem. a Quinnipiac University National Survey Released this week revealed that 89% of Americans require background checks All Gun buyers So-called three-fourths “Red flag” law. A majority (51%) also supports an assault weapons ban!

And yet, despite all this, Congress continues to drag its feet to pass any form of gun control measures.

A week ago, Biden said, “He has offered a lot of thoughts and prayers for members of Congress, but he hasn’t passed a single new federal law.” “Enough prayer, time for some action.”

In the wake of the Indianapolis shooting, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy (D), who has tried to enact a common-sense settlement gun law, Tweeted this:

“When the Congress does absolutely nothing, we get caught up in the slaughter after the shooting. Our silence has been interpreted as endorsement.

“Now is the moment for Democrats and Republicans to come together and pass a bill that will save lives.”

It is not at all clear whether Murphy’s action will be noticed. Republicans in the Senate oppose subjecting private gun sales to background checks – They have gun measures around the chamber, among other issues.

What is crystal clear – no matter which party you belong to or whether you have a gun or not – whether 45 mass shootings a month means that we have a problem in this country. A problem that our government needs to find ways to address.

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