Analysis: Biden escalates China threat at G7 and NATO, but European leaders tread cautiously

China is nothing short of foreign policy making in Washington. So it doesn’t take genius to know what Biden wants in return for healing the trans-Atlantic wounds of the Trump era. He said he “moved away” from the G7 summit in the UK sure The group believes Beijing is part of a growing threat to global democracy. The summit agreed to establish an alternative to China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. Reflecting US goals, it called on China to respect human rights Hong Kong and Xinjiang Province, and to allow a full investigation into the origins of COVID-19. It also called for maintaining peace in the South and East China Seas.
In subsequent NATO summits, China was also on everyone’s lips, making its presence felt for the first time in the coalition’s final joint statement. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who runs a coalition to worry about Atlantic rather than Pacific security, warned on Monday that China is “getting closer to us”.n military skills. And he pointed out that the communist giants do not share the Western values ​​that NATO was founded to protect.

But Europeans are still hesitant to be dragged into the showdown by the US. US officials said Italy and Germany were uncomfortable with possible dialogue language, which China could see as provocative. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the “balance”, saying that “China is our rival in many respects, but also our partner in many aspects.” Emmanuel Macron said the G-7 wanted to work with Beijing on climate, trade, development and other issues despite disagreements. “Let me be very clear: the G7 is not an anti-China club,” the French president said.

Not surprisingly, none of this has gone down well in Beijing, where officials are indicating that the widening divide over how Europeans and Americans will view China’s footprint may be a key target of Beijing’s diplomacy. As far as provoking China is not concerned, that ship has sailed. The Chinese embassy in the UK alleged that the G7 release “deliberately condemns Beijing” and denounced “the sinister intentions of some countries such as the United States”.


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