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Analysis: Biden requested states to slow down inauguration as new viral surges

“Our work is not over. The war against Kovid-19 is far from victory. It is fatal,” the president said at an event on Monday. Vaccine program, Which was combined with alarming statistics showing increasing cases of the virus across the country
Several weeks after governors indicate a new wave of cases, including high profiles Republicans in Texas and Mississippi, Reacted to the call for new transitions after the winter boom after dropping the mask mandate and several Kovid-19 restrictions. It also came after scenes of massive crowds of young revelers Florida during spring break. However, this ban ban is not limited to red states, but people across the country are frustrated by social disturbances for a year after separating from family and friends.

However, Biden requested the Americans to be patient for a short time, to avoid unnecessary deaths from the last game of the epidemic.

“Now is not the time to get down. Now is not the time to celebrate. This is the time we do as a country: our duty, our jobs. Take care of each other, and struggle to end it. do.” “Said Biden.

When he left the program on the White House campus, Biden was asked if the states should stop the inauguration and he said, “Yes.”

The nation is caught between a victory in a fight against a pathogen and a late-game disaster, ideally suited to exploit flaws in public health, resistance to mandate-wearing masks, and a year on their way to normal life. Patience of a lost country after. Hibernation.

Director of the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention, Drs. Rochelle Wallensky explained the strange duel with a stern warning, which contrasted with the message of hope on Monday as the total US Kovid casualties amounted to 550,000.

Valensky said during a virtual White House briefing, “I’m going to pause here. I’m going to lose the script, and I’ll feel the recurring doom.”

“We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and possibility of where we are and a lot of reason for hope,” Wallensky said. But he said: “I know what it is as a therapist to stand in that patient’s room – famous, gloved, masked, shielded – and to be the last person to touch someone else’s loved one because their Can’t be a dear person. Are you there. “

Noting the huge promise of vaccines and the spike in supplies, Valensky cautiously confirmed that people would die from Kovid-19 in the coming weeks and months, which they did not have. The US is just like a nation paroled after a long-term conviction and must maintain good behavior for a few more weeks to secure its release.

The fragile mix between providing hope to the nation and pleading with citizens not to throw themselves back to normal life may actually be made more difficult by the growing success of the vaccine effort. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the US reported more than 10 million new shots in arms. This means that 1 in 33 Americans were injected in that period alone.

By now most people know someone who has been at least partially vaccinated. So, it is human nature that, visually, it may be worrisome to follow strict social removal protocols.

Serving as an incentive for citizens in the form of a down payment on deliveries meant that to show off a bit more, the president announced that rising vaccine supplies meant that 90% of adults in just three weeks – Or all over the age of 18 – be eligible for a vaccine. This does not mean that everyone will be able to get an appointment right away. But Biden also vowed that most Americans would soon be able to get their shot within five miles of home.

‘We can win it’

In some ways, the current situation in the US is in line with last summer, when the first wave of Kovid-19 was halted – though unlikely to return then, with all being vaccinated.

Another key difference is that White House is in lock step with public health officials cautioning current residents – Biden told reporters after his remarks Monday afternoon that he wanted the state’s governor to stop the inauguration Give it.

Former President Donald Trump did not support the early loosening of sanctions in defiance of his own government’s recommendations last summer, asking governors to go fast. The result was a fatal wave of infections and deaths at Sunbelt.

The former president of that move was former coordinator of the Coronovirus Task Force, Dr. There was strong criticism by Deborah Birks, who argued in a new CNN documentary aired Sunday evening that hundreds of thousands of Americans who died from Kovid-19 could have been saved. At the same event, “Kovid Wars: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out,” the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Last summer, Trump said, Trump’s attitude was like “punching the chest.”

Trump responded to Birks and Fauci’s comments in the documentary in a jumbled statement filled with false statements. He called the two widely respected medical experts “self-promoters trying to reinforce history for their evil instincts and faulty recommendations” – a criticism often aimed at their disastrous handling of the epidemic while president. While acknowledging that he often ignored their recommendations, Trump was responsible for dealing with the epidemic of all but his administration.

On Monday, Fauci echoed the new president’s message that something like a normal life could soon return if the American remained patient for a few more weeks.

“We really need to get a grip on public health measures because we vaccinate more than two to three people every day.” “It will be a race between the vaccine and what is happening with the dynamics of the outbreak.”

“And we can win by hanging it there a little bit.”

Shocking data

The growing optimism brought by the vaccines is countered by alarming data on a new viral wave predicted by experts for several weeks as some state governors arrived to ease restrictions on bars, restaurants and other businesses.

Valensky reported that the new Kovid-19 cases had increased 10% a week from an already high base, to 60,000 per day. There have also been hospitalizations and deaths.

Don't throw away your mask yet

Severe infection is now increasing in 27 states, marching down the mountain after a terrible winter. Michigan has seen the most dramatic increase in shooting cases by up to 56% in the past week, and has also seen major increases in Louisiana, Connecticut, North Dakota and Iowa.

Experts say that the B1.1.17 version of the virus, first discovered in the United Kingdom, which appears to be more contagious and lethal, is spreading more rapidly in the US. Officials say an increasing proportion of infections are occurring among younger people who are moving around and breaking social distance.

Ali Mokdad, a professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, said that after the spike in March and April, vaccinations and summer weather caused the virus to move downward in the coming months before reintroducing into winter. .

“This will determine how big the spike is, what number we start with. So if we control it in summer, we will work in mild winters. We have to increase the masks we wear in winter. This is very important. Is. You may have to do this. ” Mocad told CNN that these would be up to 95% (of those wearing masks) and vaccines would help us reduce mortality and hospital admissions. “What matters” Newspaper Monday. However a caveat is that if a new version develops that provides ineffective vaccines.


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