Analysis: Even after acquittal, GOP senators and Democratic managers hope rebuke of Trump has lasting impact

Analysis: Even after acquittal, GOP senators and Democratic managers hope rebuke of Trump has lasting impact

“Whoever decides his horrific behavior is accused of insulting millions of voters. It’s an absurd deflection,” McConnell said. “Seventy-fourteen Americans did not invade the Capitol. Hundreds of rioters did. Seventy-fourteen Americans did not engineer the campaign of dissolution and fury that provoked it. One person did it. Just one.”

The task before the Republicans will now be to carry with them pieces of Trump’s appeal – and they can actually leave the former president’s tendency to bombard and plot. Republican senators acquitted Trump, he argues, should not be read as an all-out hug of the former president or that he is practically or even as a promise that he will make in 2024 of his party. Will be back in a race to lead. white House.

Sen. Chalk Grassley, a republican from Iowa, said, “Time is about taking care of someone or something.” “But remember to be a leader you will have followers. So we are going to find out that whoever goes, but everyone is going to join us, we are a big tent.”

The managers of the Democratic House impeachment may not have convinced 17 Republicans to incite Trump to rebel, but Republican senators were visibly shaken by watching videos of members – and Trump’s own vice president – flee to safety Trump did little to reduce rioters.

The case of House managers, reflecting the violent attack and how worse this threat could be, was aimed at winning a victory as much as winning the public’s fight over Trump’s conduct. The guilty vote from the seven Republican senators was a significant rebuke, even though it did not mean Trump would be formally barred from assuming office again.

Sen. Kevin Kramer of the North Dakota Republican said, “I think he probably never has the possibility of becoming president of the United States, which is going on right here.” “I think the impeachment process has been detrimental because people have reiterated how terrible that night was and how it reacted. Although it doesn’t meet the standard in my view of provoking insurrection, it does have an effect on that damaging effect. Will. “

In the hours of Saturday night’s statement after a Senate vote to exonerate Trump of instigating the January 6 riots in the US Capitol, President Joe Biden said That “the substance of the charge is not in dispute,” and noted the bipartisan nature of the vote, with seven Republican Democrats voting to convict Trump.

“While the final vote did not lead to the conviction, the substance of the charge is not in dispute. Even those opposing the sentence, such as Senate Minority Leader McConnell, believe Donald Trump to be ‘outrageous insult to duty’ and ‘Were guilty of the same. Practically morally morally responsible and responsible for the’ raging violence on the Capitol ‘, “Biden said in his first remarks after Trump was acquitted on Saturday afternoon.

‘This is an uncomfortable vote’

Cramer has also said that he will have a “hard” time in recent days to support Trump if he runs for the presidency in the future.

Kramer told CNN, “It’s going to be hard for me to be part of what has happened.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican liberal from Alaska who voted, told reporters earlier in the week that she had never seen Trump win another election for president.

“I don’t see how the American public sees the whole story here – not just in one snippet to this day and the other on it – but this whole scenario that has been put before us, I just, I don’t see that Donald How Trump can be elected to the presidency and I do not see that, ”Murkowski said.

Why most GOP senators are standing by Trump

The biggest surprise to easily vote guilty among Republicans was Sen. Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican who long ago said he would not run for a reunion in 2022. After voting that was unconstitutional earlier this week, he was the only Republican set aside to cast a vote to hold Trump accountable for his conduct.

“By what he did and did not do, President Trump violated his oath to defend, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Bure said in a statement explaining his vote. “My hope is that with today’s vote the US can start moving forward and focus on the important issues facing our country today.”

While many Republicans rejected a belief, on the grounds that they did not believe it was constitutional to convict a former president after leaving office, there were some who believed the events of January 6 – crowded, broken windows , Panic, deaths and injuries – completely independent of Trump. Even several Senate Republicans, who found Trump not guilty, said the former president had opened responsibility for the attack on the Capitol and the lack of a one-time effort to stop it. He argued that Trump sought to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and prevent congressional certification of the November election.

This was in contrast to Trump’s first impeachment efforts to convince Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, when no House Republicans voted to impeach Trump, and Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah called this guilty. The only Republicans to find out were.

No. 2 Senate Republican Sen. John Tune on Saturday saw pain in the final moments of the trial, telling reporters it was ultimately “an uncomfortable vote.”

Asked if it was the right vote, the South Dakota Republican responded, “It’s an uncomfortable vote and time will tell, but I don’t think that was a good outcome for anyone.”

Sen. Pat Pat Tommy of Pennsylvania, another Republican who pleaded guilty, argued Saturday that Trump’s reputation had been greatly damaged.

Were not running for reunion in 2022. “Tommy said,” it was the Bipartisan vote. It was the largest Bipartisan vote ever held, which is not running for reunification in 2022. “And most of the senators believed he was not really two-thirds. Guilty by our constitutional standards, but this is a very powerful rebuke. And that doesn’t go away. And the American people know what he did . “

‘Clear and assured majority’

Saturday’s play on the short-term gambling of House Democrats to testify at trial in Republican congressmen underscores the trial’s political realities and Democrats’ goal to convince the public that Trump will not hold office again.

House impeachment managers knew that when they surprised senators on both sides Saturday morning – a surprise request to Washington’s Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler was dropped – that testimony would not change the outcome of the trial. Just Democrats had no way to change the minds of enough Republican senators who were dug into their positions. But his testimony could create a spectacle with a member of Trump’s own party condemning his conduct under the bright light of the Senate impeachment trial.

House managers eventually supported his call on Saturday for testimony, just three hours after he put the trial in the case into chaos, because it could turn the trial into a political battle, thanks to Trump’s lawyers With try. Witnesses included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The other concern was that they could pull the trial and give the Republicans a guilty vote.

The blow he received from his liberal base about giving witnesses when he was heard several hours after the final vote. Trump is now impeached with the support of 10 House Republicans, and seven Senate Republicans voted with Democrats that Trump was guilty.

Chief impeachment manager Remy Jamie Ruskin of Maryland told reporters after the trial that the majority of Republicans believed that the managers had proved their case even if they had voted to be acquitted on constitutional grounds.

“We have a clear and convincing majority of members of Congress that the president actually incited a violent rebellion against the Union and against Congress,” Ruskin said.

“Mitch McConnell clearly feels that Donald Trump continues to be a major problem for the Republican Party, even though he is infamous in the eyes of the country. This is not my jurisdiction, and I really don’t know anything about it. does not say.” One has to deal with political dynamics within his own party. “

CNN’s Alex Rogers, Manu Raju and Jason Hoffman contributed to this report.




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