Analysis: How the economy is turning into a force for Biden


If the Democrats have any chance to beat the odds, they will need a lot more to get on their way.

On that front, one of the most promising signs for Biden is the state of the economy. Voters see it rotating at a very high speed.

Most recent CNN / SSRS Poll It shows that 55% of the voters see the state of the economy well. Only 44% consider it poor. Among all Americans, the divide is an equal 54% to 45%.

This is significantly higher from 54% three months ago to 43% in May and 34% in May 2020.

The CNN election is not just an assumption that economic perceptions are growing rapidly. Gallup Poll Indicates that 47% of Americans believe the economy is getting better, while 46% believe it is deteriorating.

Prior to this latest Gallup poll, every poll since April 2020 saw a lot of Americans saying that the economy was getting worse than better. It came down from last April, when 74% said the economy was deteriorating. As recently as January 2021, 66% of Americans said the economy was deteriorating.

Now, not every poll shows voters’ perceptions of the economy as good, according to CNN and Gallup surveys. But all these show that voters are significantly more optimistic on the economy than they were a year ago.

The voters’ perception seems to match reality. Gross Domestic Product Grew at a rapid rate In the first quarter of this year compared to any first quarter since 1984, as the economy continues to recover from the decline caused by coronaviruses.

It seems that voters are getting at least some of the credit that voters increasingly see as a good economy. The CNN poll placed its approval rating on the economy 50% among voters. This was equal to their overall approval rating in a poll of 52% with voters.

In fact, all respected voting have Biden with an economic approval rating above their disapproval rating.

The economy being a force for Biden is a change from last year. Biden won the election, but despite it Most voters really trust Donald Trump more on the economy. Part of the reason Trump won the battle for the economic message was that he closed the 2020 election, despite that voters preferred to handle coronoviruses.

Now, Biden has more people rejecting his job on two of the country’s top problems (economy and coronavirus).

The type of rapid change in the way the US economy viewed the state fell in late 2007 and 2008 compared to the previous time. 54% of Americans said the economy was in good condition in September 2007. Polls took until January 2017 to hit that level again.

It is about 10 years for the final recovery. It took Americans only one year to reach the same level with the economy during this recovery.

During this last recovery, a different Democratic president was facing his first midterm in 2010.

Barack Obama’s Democratic Party was mobilized that year. As 90% of the voters, they lost control of the House Economy is not considered good or bad.
Now, a good economy does not guarantee that Biden’s Democrats will do well. Trump’s Republicans lost the House in 2018 despite a good economy. Indeed, research indicates that the state of the economy is probably Not so important In midterm elections as presidential elections.
Nevertheless, a good economy Possibility helps Democrats likely in 2022. It certainly doesn’t hurt.
My condition is Probably will not It is enough for Democrats to lose the House. But there can be zero doubt that Biden welcomes recent economic growth.


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