Analysis: Oscar suddenly has a big mission: help save the movie theater

Pacific Theaters saw no financially viable way for Pacific Theaters to reopen their outlets in California, including the famous Cinerama Dome in Hollywood – through the entertainment industry on Monday for people watching movies Prompted to remind about.

“I’m so sad,” Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted, Summarize the response. “I remember going to the Cinerama Dome to watch ‘Star Trek IV’ with my father when I was younger. Memories from then until now.”
Other people also shared similar stories. Personally, that would include watching “The Wind and the Lion” as a child in the mid-1970s. Sean Connery – Who will be among the standout names in this year’s Academy Awards “In Memoriam” segment – wielding a sword in epic, swashbuckling fashion.

Oscar has always served as a primetime commercial for films, celebrating his past as well as his present and promoting them to a global audience. But the one-year epidemic-related shutdown has not dampened the enthusiasm to rush into entertainment, it has cast a dark cloud over the cinematographer’s future, and whether it has fed people a steady diet of streaming content in their homes, out of it will be kept. Easily, especially if public health concerns are about mass gatherings and crowded indoor venues.

Conversations on social media immediately turned into attempts to “save” the cinematic dome, and it seems that someone — whether it was a consortium or an institution like Netflix — who bought Hollywood Egyptian Theater Last Year – Recognizing the goodwill that will come from ensuring the existence of such historical milestones.
However, the broader question of what happens in films and films remains a mystery. Seems like every encouraging sign – like Epidemic-Best Box-Office Results In the US for “Godzilla vs. Kong”, a film whose big names cry for screens of similar stature – balanced by a careful disclaimer, delayed release or some other step backwards.
The award show has struggled in this environment, and Disappointing rating The Grammy and the Golden Globes air the foggy forecasts for the Oscars, which will air on April 25. The organizers of the event have further stated that they hope it will be a less-virtual presentation, which might have lifted spirits. Do a lot to promote tune-in.

Still, if the response from Arclight and Pacific news indicates anything, it is that the film industry is at a difficult crossroads, making the awards celebration a clearer and more urgent mission.

Whoever wins the best picture this year can almost certainly achieve their wide repertoire not only on a couch but among people sitting on a couch. As the film business prepares for a summer and falls with significantly higher expectation than the 2020 offering, people get to see not only what they saw but what they are missing, the most important act. May be who can complete these Oscars.


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