Analysis: Six takeaways from Trump’s impeachment trial

Analysis: Six takeaways from Trump’s impeachment trial

House Democrats forced Trump’s second impeachment, presenting a compelling case in which he provoked them to attack the Capitol, and running a wedge among Republicans willing to look the other way, hating Trump’s behavior. .

On Saturday morning, after CNN’s Jamie Gangell shocked new details about Trump’s behavior on January 6, Democrats found themselves due to demands for true accountability. In particular, he was joined by five Republicans in an attempt to summon witnesses. Rape Jaime Herrera BeutlerTrump, a Washington Republican who has been instrumental in calling the Trump defense team’s response claim, opposed the rioters instead.

Finding enough Republicans to convict Trump was still going to be a high bar and Democrats would have to give Republicans a chance to call their witnesses. But instead of going ahead and taking advantage of the inauguration, the Democrats decided to put Herrere Beitler’s written statement on record, leading to impeachment lawsuits for Trump’s expected acquittal.

The end of the trial will help Biden to get into business. But it would leave Americans who expected Trump to be blocked from future political office wondering what might have happened if Democrats had been a little more ruthless in preserving the Constitution.

The GOP is still Trump’s party

Trump once quipped that he could Shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue and don’t lose a voter. (His attorneys later claimed in court that Trump as president could not be accused of doing so.) It is revealed that he also sent a riot mob to Pennsylvania Avenue to attack the US Capitol May – with him the vice president inside himself – and most Republican senators are likely to stick by him.
In moments of frustration with the GOP, Trump has spoken of starting his own political party, but does not think they need it. When his lawyers built An alternate reality In which they were asking for peace as rioters sacked the Capitol, Republicans who were among those targeted by the mob took the lifeline. They could watch Mike Pence’s evacuation video and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s near miss with Dutt Along with Trump’s words, the riots reached and then the plan to vote to acquit them is just fresh evidence that Trump’s dominance on the party has diminished.

Twitterless Trump is a very quiet force

A pianist who can’t play, a soprano who can’t sing and Trump don’t keep quiet without Twitter. He has not been heard from directly since his return to a type of deportation following the election at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Therefore, a disgusting element of the trial was re-heard in the video for hours by the House’s impeachment managers to make their case. Trump may still have an investigation into Republican lawmakers, but it is difficult for the public to know what he is thinking.

This is an interesting possibility for American politics moving forward. Marching orders during impeachment trials are easy. Let off! But Trump is privately fuming and getting frustrated during this trial to get his ideas out in the open. We are left wondering what they were – or wait to read it in the papers or Here at – Our every moment of watching them pops up on the phone instead.

Republican women are profiled in courage

Profile in Courage – Then Sen with a head for the book. John F. Kennedy wrote about former Senate colleagues – here is the party and the desire to get ready for the buck convention. Politicians are most interesting when they stand for something that is difficult to stand for.

It should not be noted that many prominent women were among the leading Republicans to stand for Trump. Wyoming Rape Liz Cheney saw her status as the No. 3 Republican in the House when she voted to impeach Trump. Herrera Beutler, who also voted for impeachment, made a statement denouncing her lawyers’ defense as completely false.

The liberal censors who voted to convict Republican lawmakers were Susan Collins Romney of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. Ben Sass of Sen. Nebraska.

Mitch McConnell Courage does not have a profile

Compare Cheney’s actions and statements to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s. In January, it was made clear to reporters that McConnell thought that the impeachment trial should be carried forward. He spoke out against the Trump-inspired rebellion on the Senate floor. But when it came to saying that proceedings against a former president were constitutional, McConnell did not vote. When the time came to punish the former president, who attacked the institution that loved McConnell, He told his colleagues that he would vote for acquittal.

This is not the end of the story

Trump’s possible acquittal would not end his accountability for the riots because his words helped his efforts or his efforts to reverse the election. Hundreds of cases are pending for rioters, and their cases are turning into their arguments.

take the case of Jessica WatkinsFederal lawyers said in court documents this week that the oath-bearer waited for Trump’s command before marching on the Capitol.

Prosecutors in Georgia have opened a criminal investigation in Trump’s attempt to influence the election results.

Any of those cases, even if they lead to convictions, could prevent Trump from future office like impeachment. But they are making sure to keep the riot in the public eye.




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