Analysis: The Texas crisis is not how modern life is supposed to work

Analysis: The Texas crisis is not how modern life is supposed to work

As an American living in the 21st century, you expect to be able to flip a switch and get light, heat and internet as well as clean water from the tap. Even in an epidemic that is heavily disrupted in daily life and has stopped millions from being able to send their children to school.

Shiver in our homes this week The latest to find the conveniences of modern life are not guaranteed as we thought. Another reminder of the power crisis is – if anyone needs it – a year in this epidemic that depends on cities, countries, and the entire modern civilization of systems that are complex and surprisingly easy to disrupt.

FEMA is used to send help to Texas during hurricane season. Now the Federal Disaster Agency is sending generators to help deal with the continuing snow event that has crippled much of the country, but most seriously messed with Texas because the Lone Star State was not prepared for it.

People are trying to stay warm in their cars.

Fire departments are helping to replenish the oxygen tank.

Without power in her home in San Antonio, Jordan Orta discovered that she was sleeping in her car with her two-year-old son on Tuesday night because it was too cold.

“A lot of people are losing water in my area and were told that they would shut (off) the water for the entire city when it wasn’t known if it would come back, so we filled the pitches and tubs,” she told CNN told. “I went to HEB yesterday and there was no water left, so if we lose water, we get it all until who knows.”

When everything is interconnected, a kink produces results down the line. So kovid Vaccines in florida Texas hurricanes are being affected.
Auto Plants across the country Has seen a decline in production.
Stagnation in oil production Shipped at 13 month high prices.
But the Dow Jones Industrial Average Found a new record high, Somehow.

Rush Limbaugh, who changed American politics, has died

Roush Limbaugh, a conservative shock jock and aggressive provocative writer who was happy to taunt Democrats and liberals to a large radio audience and died in recent years of Trumpism at the age of 70, his wife on the show on Wednesday declare.

When he was diagnosed with lung cancer after Limbaugh’s announcement last year, then-President Donald Trump gave Limboff a presidential medal during a State of the Union address, a recognition for Limborg, who had made it to someone else Did but annoy Trump, unacceptable swings of GOP mainstream mainstream conservatism.

Texas blame game

If Limbaugh were here today, he would surely join the chorus of Republicans and conservatives who are blaming wind power – non-winterized turbine freezing – for the continued power problems in Texas.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and former Gov. Rick Perry spoke on Fox News on Tuesday.

“This suggests that the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States,” Abbott said Tuesday in Sean Hannity’s TV program. “Our wind and our solar shut down, and they collectively accounted for more than 10% of our power grid, and catapulted Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis.”

An hour later Perry – who also served as US Secretary of Energy in the Trump administration – echoed that point and argued against it Green New Deal.

Neither mentioned the less favorable fact that there were familiar failures for electricity provided by natural gas that would have a major impact on the Texas spike.

Abbott, who is due for a reunion in 2022, would expect voters to blame anyone for this recession.

He pointed the finger at the body, known as ERCOT, or, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, an independent entity that operates the power grid of Texas.

Unlike the rest of the country, Texas originally secured its electricity from the federal system, with one decision second-guessing when people freeze during blackouts when they need the most power.

“It was a total failure of ERCOT,” Abbott said on Tuesday. “These are experts. They are engineers in the power industry. They are not bureaucrats or whatever the case may be. These are experts, and the government will have to rely on these experts to deliver in these types of situations.”

Texas is not aged well about California’s power problems

Hill calls Texas lawgivers’ tweet funny in California For its wildfires and electrical problems in recent years.

The problems with power are bipartisan, clearly.

My favorite of these tweets from Texas criticizing Californians is from Ted Cruz, who said, back in August:

“California is now unable to perform basic functions of civilization similar to reliable electricity. Biden / Harris / AOC want CA’s failed energy policy to be the national standard. Hope you don’t like air conditioning!”

Cruz admitted that this is not good today.

“I got no defense,” he tweeted on Wednesday with a shrinking emoji. “A blizzard shocks Texas and our state. Not good. Be safe!”

More a natural gas problem

None of them would help people try to stay warm by driving their cars (there have been deaths from carbon monoxide).

Daniel Kohan is an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice and told CNN’s Briana Keller that it is actually a symptom of Texas that relies heavily on natural gas, requiring a constant stream of gas at all times it occurs. And he failed. And the system failed. See it here.

“Actually what we’re seeing in Texas is that our energy systems fail us,” he said. “I call the energy system because it is beyond the electricity system that is clearly failing us with a blackout, but given how vulnerable natural gas and electricity systems are to each other when we do both our electricity and heat Depend on natural gas for supply. “

Cohan also effectively explained why this is such a big deal.

“It is a completely unacceptable crisis for millions of people to be out of power, out of heat, to go down to the water system now and for people to be so cold in their homes.”

He is guilty of going around, and failure by the ERCOT to adequately plan for this incident is worthy of investigation.

And we’ve all got to think about the systems that drive our lives and think about what we’ll do if we fail. Because it increasingly seems like they will.

what else?

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