Analysis: Vaccinated Republicans are going out far more than vaccinated Democrats

This move to return to “normal” in the country seems to be at least partly driven by vaccinated people being more willing to go out, but there is a real partisan divide. That is, fully vaccinated Republicans are far more willing to resume normal activities than fully vaccinated Democrats.

Let’s take a look at recent June axios/ipsos poll, which has been tracking the habits of Americans since the beginning of the pandemic.

It seems that vaccinated people are turning out more than ever before. In the latest Ipsos poll, 45% indicated they had been practicing social distancing (ie staying home and avoiding others as much as possible) in the past week. This is 60% less than last month.

Unvaccinated Americans saw a decline in social distancing, but it was not at the same level as vaccination. In early May, 47% indicated they were socially distancing. In the latest survey it was 40%.

Zooming in on the vaccination group in this poll, we see a largely partisan divide. Fully vaccinated Republicans at 31% are far less likely to say they are social distancing than Democrats at 51%. This 20-point (51% – 31%) difference was close to 30 points a month ago, but it is still very much present.

When fully vaccinated people are going out, they are much less likely to use masks than they were before. For example, as of early May, 65% of fully vaccinated adults say they are always wearing a mask when they leave their home. Only 46% of illiterate people told pollsters that they were always wearing masks.

by the middle of May, CDC adjusts its guidance That is to say, vaccinated people did not need to wear masks indoors or out in most circumstances.

Vaccinated people, overall, seemed to be listening to the message. Earlier this month, only 37% of fully vaccinated adults said they always wear a mask when they are out of their home.

We did not see a similar decline among those who were not vaccinated over the same period. About 36% of this group indicated in June that they always wore masks when they were out of their homes.

Nevertheless, the partisan difference is very much present. Only 20% of fully vaccinated Republicans said they were always wearing a mask when they went out. Among the Democrats, it was 48%. The size of this partisan gap (about 30 points) is largely the same as it was a month ago, even as the percentage of both fully vaccinated Democrats and Republicans always wearing masks dropped.

it becomes something that has been shown other polleng: Democrats underestimate the threat of COVID-19, while Republicans underestimate it.

When vaccinated people are going out, it seems that they are doing small and big activities.

a CBS News/YouGov Poll released last weekend found that 75% of fully vaccinated adults indicated they were comfortable eating at a bar or restaurant. This percentage was actually slightly higher than 71% of all adults.

This is supported by the latest Ipsos poll. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of fully vaccinated adults said that they had, in fact, eaten in the past week, compared to only 58% of unvaccinated adults. This represents a 10-point increase for fully vaccinated people compared to a month earlier (53%), while the percentage of adults who go out to eat is just 1 point up from 57% in early May. is.

But again, fully vaccinated Republicans are far more willing to venture out. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of fully vaccinated Republicans have eaten in the past week, while only 54% of Democrats say they have. The partisan difference was basically the same as a month ago.

As we look to summer, we see a similar movement of people getting vaccinated planning to be outside more. Fully vaccinated adults (40%) are more likely to have booked summer plans in the past week than non-vaccinated adults (25%) in the Ipsos June data. Last month, vaccinated and unvaccinated adults were split 31% to 31% on whether they had planned a summer last week.

Even in June, fully vaccinated Republicans (45%) were more likely to summer plans in the past week than fully vaccinated Democrats (34%).

Unfortunately, it seems no matter what part of the pandemic we’re talking about (getting a vaccine, planning, etc.) that bias, not just science, is a major factor.


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