Analysis: What Rand Paul does wrong on vaccines

He made it very clear in a radio interview on Sunday, Understood:

“I just made my personal decision until they showed me proof that people who have already had an infection are dying in large numbers or are hospitalized or are very ill. Is that I am not vaccinated because I already have the disease and I have natural immunity. “

Science says no.

“Public health guidance on this is absolutely clear,” Dr. J. Varkey, Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University, Told CNN’s John King. “Even if someone has already had a Kovid-19 and is cured like Rand Paul, they should be vaccinated. … We don’t know yet after the infection How long does immunity last. “
there too This from cdc:

“Yes, you should be vaccinated, even if you already have COVID-19. That’s because experts don’t yet know how long you have been sick since recovering from COVID-19. Are safe. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible – however rare – that you may be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again. “

Health and science aside, there is also the question of symbolism and conveying. If we know that a) herd immunity is the only way the country becomes truly normal and b) the way of herd immunity goes through mass vaccination, then the responsible thing for elected officials is to get people vaccinated Be advocated.

When someone like Paul does the exact opposite, he sends the wrong kind of message: that vaccination is about personal freedom and “Big Brother” (the term used in the same radio interview).

Point: Paul, who has Public feud with Dr. Anthony Fauci Again and again during the epidemic, it seems that he knows better than experts in the field of infectious disease. Here’s a news flash: He doesn’t.


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