Sunday, April 11, 2021

Aretha Franklin Will Surfaces Another Potential in Estate Dispute

Aretha Franklin’s property just got a bit more complicated.

When the famous singer died at the age of 76 in 2018, her family accepted her Had no wish. Then, nine months later, some handwritten documents, which may represent two or even three wills, were found in Franklin’s house, leading to one Dispute between his four sons How to run his property and divide his property.

Now, a detailed document has surfaced that lawyers for Franklin’s two sons say yet another willful draft has been drafted from Ms. Franklin’s final years. Filed in papers, one Michigan In court this week, an eight-page document called “The Will of Aretha Franklin” is included, and is apparently prepared with another 23 pages in 2018, meeting the terms of a trust.

Both are stamped “draft”, and neither document has its signature.

According to the attorneys in her filing, Ms. Franklin helped Henry M., a Detroit attorney, to help plan her estate. Grix was kept. The filing includes a December 2017 correspondence from Mr. Grix, in which he summarizes an estate plan for Ms. Franklin, asks her some questions and refers to earlier discussions between them. The filing further includes handwritten notes, told Ms. Franklin, in which she lists family members and other attorneys, along with their assets.

Documents filed by attorneys for her sons Ted White Jr. and Clarence Franklin state that the documents show Ms. Franklin had been in discussions with Mr. Grix for “more than two years” and the correspondence included her initials Were. After Ms. Franklin “fell ill,” she said, another lawyer informed Mr. Grix that she was unable to sign.

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