Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Art is returning this summer. Just Step Outside.

The audience feels. The six-man concert version of Asolo Rape’s “Camelot” sold out before it opened, and Phoenix Theater’s current “Ring of Fire” features music by Johnny Cash.

Now others are following suit. Big examples are: Lincoln Center, a large non-profit center in New York, has announced this This will create 10 outdoor spaces for display On its plaza, starting next month, while the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Playwrights Horizons plans to stage a play by Alecia Harris, “What to send when it goes down, “In June at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

And on Monday, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association said it expects limited-capacity live performances at the Hollywood Bowl this summer.

Finances are complicated until the capacity limits imposed by financial authorities are exhausted. For some people, working outdoors promises more revenue than working indoors with social disturbances.

“I was sitting alone in my theater, looking at the empty seats, and realized that if the audience was forced to sit six feet away, it reduced the size of my audience from 80 to 12, which was presented to you There is not a strong financial model to the Board of Directors, ”Stephen Sachs, a co-founder and artistic director of Fountain Theater. “Then why not out?”

But for large organizations that cost more, capacity limits present a different challenge. In San Diego, Old globe States that, at least in the near term, only 124 people can be allowed in its 620-seater outdoor theater.

The theater’s artistic director Barry Edelstein said, “Turning on the lights requires an investment, which will eat those seats.” “To find out what we can do – maybe a little cabaret, or maybe a person of some kind can perform.”

However, Edelstein said he hopes, like his teammates, to work out soon. “A lot is happening from outside – food, religious services, sports,” he said. “If we are closed here then we are not really fulfilling our mission.”

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