As a revival of Kovid-19, births in some cities of Brazil die

Brazil’s second most populous city, Rio de Janeiro registered 36,437 deaths. In March – 16% more than the month’s 32,060 new births, according to the National Civil Register. It was not alone; At least 10 other Brazilian cities with a population of more than half a million also reported more deaths than births last month.
The recent increase has hit cities across the country hard. Kovid-19 Cases and Deaths, Fuel in part by newer version Considered to be extra contagious, as well as some people in Brazil have neglected social distance precautions. More than one lens has a serious proportion of deaths at birth National crisis Federal and local authorities have largely failed to engage in the epidemic for over a year.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, last month Kovid-19 has killed 77,515 people across Brazil, and more than 2 million new cases have been diagnosed. According to data from state health secretaries, all three of Brazil’s 27 states and federal district are currently seeing intensive care unit occupancy rates of 80% or more.

Is from brazil Vaccine rollout The problem has been slow since the beginning due to internal political discord and difficulty in procurement of vaccine supplements. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, only 6.3 million people – about 3% of the population – have been fully vaccinated. The same ministry statement said 21.1 million people had received at least one dose of the vaccine – but at least 1.5 million of them were behind schedule for their second shot.

Both Coronavac and AstraZeneca vaccines, depending on which country, require two doses. The Ministry of Health has not provided any reason why some Brazilians have failed to receive their second dose. However local media have raised issues of confusion or misunderstanding among the public about the importance of the second dose, and the difficulties that low-income Brazilians face in accessing vaccination centers.

As long as the coronavore moves uncontrollably, New mutations may emerge, experts say. The current coronavirus variants in the country are already raising alarm; The P.1 version, first identified in Brazil, is increasing cases in neighboring countries, and this week prompted France to suspend flights to and from the country.
Bombastic President Jair Bolsonaro, who recently contacted Russia for a possible deal on Sputnik V vaccines, has been vaccinated. But critics wish he would make the same insistence on other fronts in the fight against coronovirus. The President has repeatedly reduced the threat of Kovid-19 – which he once famously called “Little flu” –– and insists that the economic health of the country should be given priority over the lockdown measures.

In public statements last week, Bolsonaro vowed not to accept a national lockdown strategy to stop coronaviruses, despite calls by the United Nations and respected Brazilian medical research center Firócruz to do so. He seemed unfazed by the country’s drowning death toll and rising cases, which he saw as “spilled milk” during an April 7 event in the southern Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu.

“We are not going to cry with milk. We are still facing an epidemic, which is not being used politically to defeat the virus but to overthrow the president. What is happening in Brazil We are all responsible for that. “Bolsonaro said.” Which country in the world has not seen death? Unfortunately, people die everywhere. “


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