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As the royal briefing war between London and California continues, can Prince Philip crack the rift?

London (CNN) – If Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry Deep wounds In the British royal house, it was going to take much longer then what many viewers had expected.

As the result of the revelations surfaced during the broadcast, entering the second week, the first signs of progress emerged when royal sources told The Times of London that brothers Harry and William had been “in touch” since the interview began.

But then this article went on to repeat and stoke the claims of bullying made against the Duke of Sussex.

“The real worst has not come to light. There are some annoying stories to tell,” a royal source told the newspaper.

The figures, described as a “figure of the Prince of Wales”, accused Harry of “hypocrisy” and challenged his claims that his father had “cut him off financially”.

This is the exact kind of palace that the people of Sussex have complained about and they have not lain it.

Gayle RajaA friend of the couple was soon publicly sent to defend them. Harry was spoken to by his family on Tuesday, confirming the host of the CBS breakfast, but “the word I was given was not a productive conversation.”

King also suggests that the couple were upset that “Mahal says they want to work it out privately, but they still believe false stories are coming out that are still very abusive against Meghan.” Nobody in the royal family has spoken to Meghan yet. ”

Harry and Meghan want to “move on” and see “therapy in this family,” King said, though it’s hard to see if both sides can’t pick up the phone even without the news leaking.

Both sides are in clear violation of the Queen’s crystal-clear on-the-record statement that the issues raised in the Oprah interview “have been taken very seriously and will be addressed privately by the family.”

You can only imagine what Prince Philip thinks of all this. As the guardian of the family, she is known to lead on private family issues, while the queen deals with state affairs, but is kept in hospital for a month.

He is not completely out of the loop, but he is now Back to queen Said at Windsor Castle and in “good spirits”. Is it now his job to take over and at least end the public nature that many in his generation have seen very unexpectedly?

He is certainly known for his patency, but he is also weak, still recovering from heart surgery and soon turns 100 years old.

There are serious issues at play here and The stakes are high for the future of the monarchy., But the treatment that Harry talks about can only begin with a conversation between him, his brother, and father, and at the moment does not seem convincing.

News of the week

Palace works on claims of bullying

Buckingham Palace Brought into An outside law firm has claimed that Meghan understood CNN during her staffing at Kensington Palace, that she understood CNN. A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed that action was being taken to investigate the allegations “but we will not provide public comment on this.” CNN was not told which firm would be involved in the inquiry. A sussex spokesman Previously rejected “A calculated smear campaign” and “defamation” as allegations of bullying. Palace’s aggressive plan to investigate the report contrasted Meghan’s racism with her attitude against a senior royal who the family said would keep it indoors.

Catherine Honor to Sarah Everard

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is facing both praise and criticism A Memorial Visit to Sarah Award Last Saturday in South London. Everard, 33, went missing on the night of March 3 while walking home from a friend’s house and his body was later found in woodland. A police officer was charged with his kidnapping and murder which is due to stand trial in October. The case has sparked a national debate in the UK over women’s safety, sexual harassment and harassment. On Saturday, Catherine was seen quietly laying flowers after Everard went missing in a bandstand. Catherine wanted to pay her respects to Everard and her family because she remembers what she felt like going to London the night before the wedding, a royal source said. In the days that followed, some have criticized him for failing to wear the mask of Kovid, while others have questioned whether Shahi broke the ban to give an undisclosed look as he walked into Anmar Hall in Norfolk, eastern England Lives about 100 miles from London.

From royal vat

Her Majesty the Irish President Michael D. Higgins was sent a festive message to mark St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday and recalled his historic visit to Ireland over a decade ago.

On the occasion of your National Day, I wish to congratulate Your Excellency, as well as my best wishes to the people of Ireland, after the 94-year emperor’s message began.

“This year comes ten years after my visit to Ireland, which I remember, and it is an important century in these islands. We share relationships of family, friendship and affection – the foundation of our partnership that continues to this day As important as ten. Too many years ago. ”

She ended the message: “La fille perengig gold doeb go layer” – which translates to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You All.”

Queen Elizabeth and the then Irish President Mary Macleay made a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance during their historic visit to Ireland in 2011.

After attaining independence from London in 1921, the Queen’s first visit to the UK by a ruler of the British Republic was in 2011. The countries may be right next to each other, but Ireland’s relationship with the Crown is difficult to say the least.

Neighboring countries share a troubled, often violent, history during which thousands of people have been killed, including Lord Mountbatten, a relative of a Queen killed by an Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb while fishing with two teenagers in 1979 They went.

The tension had improved since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 and his journey went some way to heal old wounds. This was seen as a new era in relations between the two countries with the then British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This is an example of the queen’s soft power, which the British Foreign Office sees as a unique weapon in its diplomatic arsenal.

A Word from ROYALS

“We know that for Irish people around the world, today will not be the same as normal. We hope you can celebrate safely.”

Prince William

The Queen was not the only royal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Cambridge took part in a video shared by the Irish Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. Sporting the obligatory green garb for the occasion, William began his message, stating “Beanchatty not Fellé Pardag Orab” (meaning “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” in Irish!)

Catherine followed him: “We are very happy to wish you all a happy St. Patrick’s Day.” Realizing that his wife’s screenplay was perhaps a little less challenging, William joked: “How have you come?”

You can do this Watch the full video here, Which included the greetings of world leaders including US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern.


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