Thursday, May 6, 2021

Averted the Florida Rape. Matt Getz denies meeting with Trump

Two people familiar with the matter said that Getz tried to schedule a visit with Trump when it was first revealed that he was being investigated, but declined the request by close aides of the former president Gaya, who urged Trump not to put his neck out. Getz defended. A spokesman for Getz, Harlan Hill, said Congress did not request a meeting with Trump this week.

Hill said in a statement to CNN, “Rep. Getz was welcomed this week with Trump Doral and did not demand to meet President Trump himself.”

The intervention of Trump’s allies indicates that just a few months after the 45th President offered to quit his plum job in Congress to join the impeachment defense team, Getz found himself in a potential career-isolating career- Scam told. Trump has issued only one statement about Getz since the public first learned of Congress’s role in a sex trafficking investigation in early April. In this, Trump denied ever receiving Blanket apology request Denied the 38-year-old Congressman and the charges leveled against him.

After repeated requests for comment, Trump spokesman Jason Miller wrote in a tweet Sunday evening that Getz did not request a meeting “and, therefore, could never be denied.”

Federal investigators are investigating allegations that Getz had sex with an underage girl, who was 17 at the time, and with other women who were provided drugs and money in violation of sexual trafficking and prostitution laws. Were. Federal investigators are also trying to determine if, as part of a broader investigation, Gates was given travel and women in exchange for political favors, People familiar with the investigation tell CNN.

Getz continues to deny all of the charges leveled against him and has not been charged with a crime.

The former president has otherwise kept quiet since the release of the two-sentence missile last week. Talking to deep-pocketed GOP donors At his Palm Beach club on Saturday, Trump left Getz to investigate several names of his top Republican defenders – from South Dakota Village. From Christie Noam and former White House chief Mark Meadows to Florida Gov. Ron Desassis and the Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, according to two people familiar with his comment.
Trump’s failure was seen as something out of the crowd to mention Getz, which Congressmen gave Loyalty increased Trump, the former president and other Republicans, said during his speech.

Meanwhile, Getz’s appearance on Friday at a conference for Trump supporter women raised eyebrows within the former president’s class. Aids watched her last-minute speech at the Women for America First event, which was held at the nearby Trump National Doral Resort, as a strenuous effort to reach Trump and his supporters.

A man directly involved in Trump’s post-presidential operation said the former president’s support was “under the impression that Getz went there to try to run down Trump or the people around him.”

Announced as a “distinguished guest” just a few days before the summit began, Getz took the stage to denounce “wild conspiracy theories” about his personal life and to confirm his plans to remain on Capitol Hill But used his time.

“I’ve made up for the fight, and I’m not going anywhere,” he told the crowd.

Getz has already faced calls from a Republican colleague, Rape Adam Kinzinger In Illinois, to resign from his congressional seat and from within Trump’s class has received almost no support. A Florida firebrand identified for having fewer friends inside Washington is also at risk of losing his committee’s work based on investigators’ findings, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News last week.

This story has been updated with a comment from a Trump spokesman.


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