Friday, May 7, 2021

‘Best Summer Ever’ Review: Not Just Another Song and Dance

“Best Summer Ever” is a high school musical. It’s not “high school music” – it’s better. Tender and prolific, it features set pieces mounted on “Footloose” and “Grease”, which feel closer to those films in the soul than on the Disney Channel. This is the kind of film that is shaken by the energy of the people who make it, whose excitement comes out of the screen. Actors and filmmakers feel it was a great time to bring “Best Summer Ever” to life. I’m glad to see this.

Michael Parks in the film Randa and Lauren Smitelli (Available on demand), Tony (Rieke Wilson Jr.) is the star quarterback who yearns to become a private ballet dancer. Sage (Shannon Davido) is the daughter of pot-dealing hippies, whose nomadic lifestyle makes it difficult for her to settle down. Tony and the monk come to each other at the summer camp, but when summer ends, and Tony’s school SEZ winds up, the young lover turns to the usual teenage movie Christ’s – Skiing Cheerleader (MuMu), football rival (Jacob Valtak). , And of course the big game, the result of which falls heavily on Tony’s reluctant shoulders.

This is all very familiar. Is the novel cast, largely composed of actors with physical and mental disabilities; These disabilities are never commented on, and the handicaps are not included in the conspiracy. The impact of this inclusivity is its most compelling, amazing and warm feeling throughout the film’s many original musical numbers, which are staged and shot visually. The cast has an amazing screen presence – most notably Davido, whose turn as a loveless heroine is magnetic. Representation matters. And in “Best Summer Ever” it brings the film to life.

best summer ever
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 12 minutes. Rent or buy Apple TV, Google Play And other streaming platforms and payment TV operators.

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