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Biden administration says it is consulting ‘nonstop’ with India with first aid shipment en route – CNN Politics

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The Biden administration is conducting “nonstop” consultations with the Indian government as the country is on their priority Devastation coronovirus growth According to a top US agency for international development officials, it has left its healthcare system on the verge of collapse.

USAID Senior Advisor Coordination-Kovid-19 Senior Advisor for Efforts Jeremy Kondayk told CNN on Thursday that shipments of supplies on his way to India “have been developed really closely in coordination with them.”

Those shipments – formerly by the Biden administration – left the Travis Air Force Base in California and boarded a US Air Force aircraft on Wednesday and are expected to arrive in the Indian capital New Delhi on Friday morning at local time. A third shipment will leave Travis Air Force Base on Friday with PPE, oxygen, test kits, masks.

Earlier in the week, the US President Joe Biden vows Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the United States would “provide a range of emergency assistance, including oxygen-related supplies, vaccine materials, and therapeutics.”

The White House said on Thursday that “additional flights carrying the remaining aid, including oxygen generators and concentrators, are scheduled to depart in the coming days.”

Kondike told CNN that the Indian government stated that USAID “works to distribute supplies through the Indian Red Cross, so we will primarily work through that channel.”

Kondike said that beyond the supplies that are in the process of flowing into USAID, he said they are providing some direct support to hospitals and medical facilities in India through a private sector partnership as well as “our NGOs The partners are providing additional support “to do things like support the oxygen supply chain in India,” keeping in mind that supply chain problem “has long needed to solve the problem. ”

“We are here trying to chew and chew gum at the same time, supporting the urgent acute need for oxygen support in the Indian health system, but then at the same time, ways to accelerate the production of medical grade oxygen Trying to find and transport medical grade oxygen within India, so that a more permanent solution can be found to the problem.

Providing support for the country to India since last year, CNN said, “The mistreatment of India has gone from worst to worse.”

“What’s really interesting and remarkable about this is that it’s mutual,” Konyndyk continued. “Last year, India supported us on some of the worst days of last spring. And so we are looking at it as a partnership effort.

According to a USAID press release, the shipment of aid left to the US on Wednesday included “440 oxygen cylinders and regulators, generously donated by the state of California,” as well as to help stop the community 960,000 rapid diagnostic tests were introduced to identify infections. The spread of Kovid-19, and 100,000 N95 masks to protect India’s frontline health heroes. ”

Konindyak told CNN that USAID was able to secure supplies from California, as the state approached FEMA about a surplus and asked if it would be useful to India.

Kondike told CNN that he “would not rule out that we (USAID) are increasing additional in-person personnel” but added that they are trying to provide as much virtual support as possible.

Kondike said plans were underway to share the AstraZeneca vaccine after receiving FDA clearance, but declined to specify if India would be the highest priority country for vaccine shipments, saying it would seek approval from the White House Does not want to get ahead.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is working in partnership with the private sector to provide further assistance to India, he said.

“Raising from the private sector is the opposite of what I’ve actually never seen here before.” “What we’re seeing here is that American companies, global companies, really recognize how important it is for their businesses to support India and get this right to control.”

On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other key administration officials “discussed today with US business leaders, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the US-India Business Council on how the United States and India leverage expertise and capabilities According to the State Department, the US private sector to support immediate COVID-19 relief efforts in India.

Kondike told CNN that he hopes the effort showed that they are “not going to cure the epidemic because it is only a problem for America.”

“I think this boom in India is really low,” he said. “It really underlines that India has a deep impact for the United States. Previous offices on IT, on administration, on call centers, on many things for many people, many US companies are in India. ”

“Our interests and our fortunes on this epidemic are really completely tied to how epidemic trends are around the world and that’s why we’re really trying to demonstrate that,” Kondyk said.

CNN’s Kate Sullivan, Barbara Starr and Jason Hoffman contributed to this report.

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