Biden is getting a big jump with Hispanics


However, a closer look at recent history and turnout suggests that Biden may be preferred for withdrawal among Hispanic people for one simple reason: He is now incumbent.

take a look at Gallup Poll During the Biden Presidency. Considering all the polls conducted so far (to achieve a larger sample size), Biden’s approval rating with Hispanics is 42% compared to a 55% overall approval rating.
This 72% is a clear improvement in how Biden did to Hispanic people in the election. According to Biden, 65% of Hispanics won Network exit poll. An estimate from a Democratic firm Catalyst (Which matches well with what we saw in the pre-election elections) Biden took 71% of Hispanics. So Gallup’s data suggests that Biden’s support could be anywhere from 7 to 11 points from the election.

Biden is now doing better overall than the election. The Gallup data we are using here has an approval rating of 55%. Even controlling for a higher approval rating overall, Biden has received an unproven increase in support from Hispanics. He is now 17 points better overall with Hispanics, while he was 10 to 14 points better with him in the 2020 election.

Also note that unlike elections, indecision is allowed in voting. If we allocate an undetermined between approval and disapproval for both Hispanic and overall, Biden’s approval rating is nearly 20 points higher in the Gallup poll with Hispanics overall.

(Recent average CNN / SSRS, Fox News, Marist College And Quinnipiac university Compared to their pre-election counterpart, the survey found that Biden had an equally disproportionate growth with Hispanic people.

This 20-point difference between Hispanics and how adults feel about Biden overall is wider than the previous Democratic president he saw in his first months on the job.

In Gallup data collected with undetermined allocations, Barack Obama’s approval rating was 17 points higher with Hispanics overall in the first four months of his presidency. In 2008 electionObama finished 14 points overall with Hispanics in exit polls.

Obama saw improvement with Hispanics relative to his overall performance, but not to the extent that Biden is getting.

The fact that both Biden and Obama saw a greater boost overall with Hispanics should not be surprising based on history.

Recent incumbents feel their support among Hispanic people has increased in their re-election bids. In fact, the last five incumbents have fared better with Hispanics since George HW Bush when he was elected to his first term.

The remarkable thing about Bush is that he performed better despite losing, demanding re-election. Bush lost by 8 points in 1988, losing 6 points in 1992 (14-point swing). Still, Bush lost to Hispanic people by 40 points 1988 exit poll To defeat them by 36 points In 1992 (A 4 point swing in his direction).

We saw the same incident with Obama in 2012 and Donald Trump in 2020. Both performed poorly overall in their re-election campaigns, but did better with Hispanic voters. In 2016 Catalyst data, Trump lost them by 39 points to 25 points in 2020, even losing the popular vote by 4.5 points instead of 2.1 points.

In fact, you can look at heavily Hispanic congressional districts and see the same pattern. Since 1988, incumbents running for re-election have consistently performed better in the heavily Hispanic South Bronx congressional district, currently near Richie Torres, when they were first elected.

This includes three officials who performed poorly at the national level after winning their first term: Busho In 1992 (Who saw 4 point reform), Obama in 2012 (Who saw a 4-point improvement) and Trump In 2020 (Who saw a 16-digit bump).

We clearly do not know that if Biden decides to run again he will get the same bump, although history is in his favor. Preliminary approval rating data from Gallup indicates that this is quite possible.


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