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Biden promises milestones for pitching stimulus, vaccines and screening

WASHINGTON – President Biden said on Monday that his administration was on pace to achieve two key goals by March 25: 100 million shots of Kovid-19 vaccines since his inauguration and 100 million direct payments under his economic relief bill.

The announcement was made first of what promises to be a series of end-zone dances, which Mr. Biden and administration officials set on the stage this week as they promote the $ 1.9 trillion package that the president called It was signed into law last week.

“Weapons in hand and money in pockets.” This is important, ”Mr. Biden said in a brief address to the White House. “The American Rescue Plan is already doing what it was designed to do: make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives.”

Over the weekend, the Treasury Department began issuing direct electronic payments of $ 1,400 per person, as authorized by law, to low- and middle-income Americans. According to data released on Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States has administered 92.6 million vaccine doses since January 20. At the current pace of vaccination, the country will pass 100 million doses before the end of the week, ahead of the President’s March 25 promise.

But, he The relief scheme includes dozens of other provisions. Which has not yet been done, such as the new Monthly check for parents, $ 350 billion for state and local governments and additional relief for the unemployed.

Criticizing so much money at stake and the Republican package in vain, Mr. Biden vowed to bring “sharp oversight” to the relief amount to ensure that it was delivered quickly and evenly.

he introduced Jean spurlingThe longtime Democratic policy aide, who advised Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign last year to oversee spending from the relief package. Mr. Sparkling will be the president and a senior White House adviser, who works independently of an oversight commission set up by Congress during the epidemic, which includes inspectors from various agencies.

“We have to prove to the American people that their government can deliver for them, and that they can do it without being useless or fraudulent,” Mr. Hayden said.

His team was ready as his comment Fans across the country for a week of sales pitches for a bill Which has proved to be very popular with voters, but has received zero Republican votes.

Mr. Biden Tuesday in Delaware County, Pa. And will appear in Atlanta with Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday Secret helped to give Democrats by majority This made the relief scheme possible.

A group of administration officials, including the first lady, Jill Biden and Ms. Harris’s husband, Doug Amhoff, will make their trips. Ms. Harris and her husband arrived in Las Vegas for an event on Monday afternoon, while Drs. Biden finished a program in New Jersey.

The roadshow is an attempt to avoid the messaging mistakes of President Barack Obama’s administration, which Democrats believe failed to continue to support commercially for its $ 780 billion stimulus act after passage in 2009. The challenge for the Biden administration would be to highlight less obvious. Provision including the largest federal infusion in generations Aid to the poor, Big enough Extension of Child Tax Credit Grew more Subsidy for health insurance.

Mr. Sparling’s challenge will be to fulfill Mr. Biden’s promises of transparency and accountability for those programs.

The president and White House officials described Mr. Spurling as well qualified for the task. He was the director of the National Economic Council under Mr. Obama and President Bill Clinton. In the Obama administration, where he first served as a counselor in the Treasury Department, Mr. Spurling helped coordinate the bailout of Detroit automakers and other parts of the administration’s response to the 2008 financial crisis.

He informally advised Mr. Biden’s campaign in 2020 to help improve the agenda of the campaign’s “Build Back Better” policy. Friends have described Mr. Spurling as eager to join the administration in recent months; He was mentioned as the likely appointee to head the Office of Management and Budget after Mr. Biden’s first nominee for that position, Neera Tandon comes back amidst Senate opposition.

Frequently asked questions about the New Stimulus Package

Encouragement Payment will be $ 1,400 for most recipients. Those who are eligible will receive an equal payment for each of their children. To qualify for the full $ 1,400, a person would need an adjusted gross income of $ 75,000 or less. For heads of household, the adjusted gross income must be $ 112,500 or less, and for married couples to file jointly, that number must be $ 150,000 or less. To be eligible for payment, a person must have a Social Security Number. Read more.

Buying insurance through a government program, known as COBRA, will temporarily become much cheaper. The COBRA, for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, usually pays anyone who purchases a job through a former employer. But it is expensive: Under normal circumstances, a person may have to pay at least 102 percent of the cost of the premium. Under the relief bill, the government will pay the entire COBRA premium through Sept 30 from 1 April. A person who will qualify for new, employer-based health insurance before September 30. 30 must lose eligibility for no-cost coverage. And someone who voluntarily quits the job will not be eligible. Read more

This credit, which helps working families offset the costs of caring for children under 13 and other dependents, will be significantly extended for one year. More people will be eligible, and many recipients will get a big break. The bill will also make the credit fully refundable, which means that you can deposit it as a refund even if your tax bill is zero. “The mass would be useful to people with lower levels of income”, said Walters Clover Tax & Accounting chief federal tax analyst Mark Luscombe. Read more.

There will be a big one for those who already have debt. If you qualify for debt forgiveness or cancellation, you will not have to pay income tax on the loaned debt – for example, if you are in the income-driven repayment plan for the expected number of years, if your The school cheats on you or if Congress or the president erases $ 10,000 debt for a large number of people. This will be the case with debt waiver between January 1, 2021 and the end of 2025. Read more.

The bill would provide billions of dollars in rental and utility assistance to people who are struggling and are at risk of being evicted from their homes. About $ 27 billion will go towards emergency rental assistance. Much of this will compensate for the so-called Coronavirus Relief Fund created by the CARES Act and distributed through state, local and tribal governments. accordingly To the National Low Income Housing Coalition. This is on top of the $ 25 billion in aid provided by the relief package passed in December. To receive financial assistance – which can be used for rent, utilities and other housing expenses – households must cater to many Conditions. Household income cannot exceed 80 percent of the region’s average income, at least one household member must be homeless or at risk of housing instability, and individuals must qualify for unemployment benefits or face financial hardship There will be (directly or indirectly) the ubiquitous epidemic. Support can be provided for 18 months, accordingly To the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Low-income families who have been unemployed for three months or more will be given priority for assistance. Read more.

Mr. Spurling’s challenge with the rescue plan will be different from the one Mr. Biden faced in 2009, as the relief bill differs from Mr. Obama’s signature stimulus plan. Biden’s plan is double that of Mr. Obama’s. This includes funding to make haste at the end of the epidemic, including billions for vaccination and coronavirus testing. The plans also have similarities, including more than $ 400 billion in total spending for school districts and state and local governments.

Oversight of the $ 1.9 trillion relief law is currently expected to rely on the Byzantine Oversight Architecture that was installed in the stimulus package passed by Congress last year.

The new effort will continue to rely on the Government Accountability Office and the Epidemic Response Committee, a panel of inspectors from the federal government general.

Less clear is the fate of the Congressional Oversight Commission, a five-man bipartisan panel created to oversee the $ 500 billion Treasury Department Fund, which supported the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs and loans to airlines and companies that support national security. Are important for. The commission currently has only three members, and the Fed program concluded at the end of last year.

The Commission’s report in January said it planned to “continue to analyze loans, loan guarantees and investments that were made before the program ended” and production reports.

It is unclear whether the current mechanism will be sufficient to oversee the money in the new relief package, which will pump billions of dollars into states and cities. Additional inspection measures are required.

A Treasury official said the department would establish a process to monitor the use of funds to be sent to the states to ensure that they are used in accordance with the eligibility requirements in law.

Like many Americans in the epidemic, Mr. Spurling must coordinate and navigate those efforts, at least at first. White House press secretary, Jane Saki, said on Monday that Mr. Spurling would work in California, far from his home, until he was vaccinated.

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