Biden sends informal delegation to Taiwan

That informal delegation includes former Sen. Chris Dodd and former State Department senior officials Richard Armitage and James Steinberg. As of his visit, China has made several aggressive shows of force towards the island.

Officials said, “The selection of these three individuals – senior politicians who are longtime friends of Taiwan and personally close to President Biden – sends an important signal about Taiwan and its American commitment to democracy,” officials he said.

Officials said they would hold a meeting with senior Taiwan officials at Biden’s request. Reuters The first was to report on informal delegation.

“This delegation follows a long bipartisan tradition of the US administration sending high-level, informal delegations to Taiwan,” officials said, adding that their visit also comes in the form of the US and Taiwan “Taiwan Relations Act” It is the 42nd anniversary of the signing. For which President Biden voted. “

Beijing claims Taiwan as its territory, although it has been governed separately for more than seven decades. Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed that Beijing will never let the island become independent and has refused to use the force if necessary.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, China began reporting such activity on a regular basis in September, on Monday, China sent 25 warplanes to Taiwan’s air defense detection zone.

In an interview with NBC on Sunday, Secretary of State Tony Blinken said, “What we have seen and what is a real concern for us is the constant aggressive action taken by the government in Beijing, directed at Taiwan, tense in tension.” raise up.”

“And we have a commitment to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act, a bipartisan commitment that has existed for many, many years to ensure that Taiwan has the ability to protect itself and ensure that we Peace and security are maintaining the Western Pacific. We stand behind those commitments, “he said.

“It would be a grave mistake for anyone to try to change the current status quo by force,” Blinken said.

Under the “One China” policy, Washington has formal relations with Beijing and informal with Taiwan. The US regularly sells military equipment on the island.

On Friday, the State Department issued “new guidelines for US government negotiations with Taiwanese counterparts to deepen our informal relations to encourage US government relations with Taiwan.”

State Department spokesman Ned Price said, “Guidance Taiwan is a vibrant democracy and an important democracy and an important security and economic partner that is also good in the international community.”

The informal delegation’s visit comes just weeks after US Ambassador Palau, John Hennessy-Niland, officially became the first sitting US Ambassador visit to Taiwan in more than 40 years.

Many Taiwanese officials sent to Taiwan as part of the administration’s attempt to counter China during the Trump administration.

CNN’s Brad Landon contributed to this report.


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