Biden Slams Attempts to Curb Voting Rights, But Says He’s Not Ready to Call for Ending Filibuster

“What I want to do is I’m trying to bring the country together, and I don’t want the debate to be just about whether we have filibuster or exceptions or going back to the filibuster way or Not to be used before,” Biden told CNN’s Don Lemon at the CNN Town Hall in Cincinnati.

The president said: “There’s no reason to defend it, other than that you’re going to throw the entire Congress into chaos and nothing will happen. Nothing will be done. And a lot is at stake. The most important one is the vote Right, that’s what’s most important.”

He again rebuked Republicans who are attempting to curb voting rights across the country, calling it “Jim Crow on steroids.” Republicans have moved to the state level since the 2020 election Roll back easy access to voting Or create new obstacles in the way of voters.
Biden calls on Congress To pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to prevent a nationwide attack on voting rights.

“Never before has there been an attempt by state legislatures to take away the ability to determine who has won. Don’t count the votes, determine who wins,” he said.

The president added: “It’s Jim Crow on steroids we’re talking about.”

Biden said he wanted to “make sure that we not only bring all the Democrats together, we also bring together the Republicans I know better. They know better than that.”

But there is currently no Republican support in the US Senate for the voting rights law and Democrats do not have the votes to pass the 60-vote filibuster. As a result, some Democrats are pushing the president back to change the Senate filibuster rules. But some Democrats, including Censor Joe Manchinchin of West Virginia And Kirsten Cinemas, Arizona, says that weakening the filibuster rules is something they will not support.

Biden has faced mounting pressure from black leaders to take a firmer stance on Congress to pass federal legislation to protect voters.

President gave a High-profile speech earlier this month On protecting voting rights but didn’t mention Filbuster. Some black civil rights leaders praised him in his speech for taking a tough stand against voter suppression, but said he missed out on his demand to discuss the filibuster.

“I’ve been saying for a long time that Filbuster abuse is too heavy,” Biden said Wednesday night. He said that when he first joined the Senate there were fewer filibusters because it was a talking filibuster, which would have required a senator who wanted to block legislation to hold the floor without a break.


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