Biden spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping amid tensions in recent months

A readout of the call provided by the White House said, “The two leaders had a comprehensive, strategic discussion, in which they discussed areas where our interests meet, and areas where our interests, values ​​and visions meet.” are different.” “They agreed to engage openly and directly on both issues. This discussion, as President Biden made clear, is a step forward for the United States to responsibly manage the competition between the United States and the PRC. Was part of the effort.”

Biden addressed cyber issues During the nearly 90-minute conversation, and what was generally sought to be a “comprehensive and strategic discussion” on how to manage competitive US-China relations to avoid escalating into conflict, a senior administration official said. According to, who spoke to reporters before and after. Call. The official described the tone of the call, which Biden took from the treaty room of the White House residence, as “respectful” and “familiar and forthright.”
The Biden administration has indicated it plans to continue take a tough stand For China – Same as East President Donald Trump – but that it will do so in coordination with allies, and hopes to set standards that allow countries to voice their areas of concern and disagreement, but work with each other when it is both be in the interest of the countries.

According to Chinese state media Xinhua News, Xi told Biden that the US policy towards China has created “serious difficulties” for the countries’ relations.

“If China and the US work together, both countries and the world will benefit; if China and the US confront each other, both countries and the world will suffer. Sino-US relations are not a question of a choice. Whether it needs to be done is fine, but an essential question is how to do it well,” Xi said, as reported by Xinhua.

The Chinese leader said the two countries can continue talks to “promote coordination and cooperation” on issues such as climate change, COVID-19 and other international issues.

The call was marked by leaders speaking for the second time since Biden became president first call about seven months ago. During his first call, Biden set criteria on engagement, but China did not act with working-level US officials in a way that would “satisfy” the Biden administration.

During the Biden administration’s first face-off with Chinese officials earlier this year, the two sides traded diplomatic bars that are rarely displayed in front of cameras. Biden officials said they planned to address areas of deep concern about China’s actions, prompting Chinese officials to react aggressively.

“We believe that it is really important to set parameters and railings for the competition, and to maintain open lines of communication. But these lower level engagements have not been very fruitful, and, frankly, we are very satisfied with our Not the behavior of the interlocutors,” the senior official said before the call. “Given this reality, and you know what has been our consistent approach to lines of communication, about responsible management of competition, President Biden understood the importance of directly engaging President Xi on these issues. “

The official said that given Xi’s centralized power, “it is quite likely that engagement at the leader level is really what is needed to get the ball moving.”

The ties that Biden was expected to discuss on Thursday include open lines of communicationReal and frank dialogue, the official said, and committed to not making connections between issues within the relationship.

When it comes to specific cases of tension between the two countries, the official did not provide a detailed list, but said relations between North Korea and Iran could be discussed in the context of a wider discussion.

The overall goal, the official said, was to reach a “stable state of affairs with the United States and China”. But it will be a long task, given that Biden has framed the US-China contest in recent months as a battle between democracy and autocracy.

On the subject of Afghanistan and the Taliban, the official said the administration did not expect Biden to “specifically ask” China, and after the call, the official would only say that the leaders talked about “global events”.

Earlier this week, China announced that it would provide approximately $31 million The price of food, winter supplies, vaccines and medicine to the Taliban-controlled country and will maintain its embassy there.

Biden and Xi are expected to meet at some point, but the official did not expect the call to announce any specific plans.

This story has been updated with additional details from the call.

CNN’s Nikki Carvajal and Zixu Wang in Hong Kong contributed to this report.


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