Biden to propose $ 6 trillion budget to make America more competitive


The document suggests that Mr. Biden would express support for Congress to allow Americans under 60 to enroll in Medicare, and to allow Medicare to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies, including prescription drugs. For efforts to reduce federal spending. It supports the expansion of Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing services. Those efforts have been a top priority for independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, chairman of the budget committee. They are presented as targets in the budget but are not included in the proposed spending.

The document reads, “Health care is a right, not a privilege.” “Families need financial security and peace of mind that come with quality, affordable health coverage.”

The budget is only a request to Congress, which should approve federal spending. But with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress, Mr. Biden faces some of the best obstacles of any president in recent history, approving much of his agenda, especially if he is in his infrastructure. May compromise with MPs on parts of the agenda.

If Mr. Biden’s plans were implemented, the government would spend about a quarter of the country’s total economic output every year during the next decade. It would collect tax revenue equal to just one fifth of the total economy.

In each year of Mr. Biden’s budget, the government will spend more as part of the economy All two years since World War II: 2020 and 2021, which were marked by trillions of dollars in federal spending to help people and businesses endure the epidemic-induced recession. By 2028, when Mr. Biden is completing a second term in office, the government will be collecting more tax revenue than almost any point as part of the economy Modern statistical history; The only other comparable period was the end of President Bill Clinton’s second term, when the economy was roaring and the budget was in surplus.

The documents also show a conservative view Mr. Biden’s economic team is taking regarding presenting the growth of the economy compared to its predecessor. Mr. Biden’s colleagues predict that even if his entire agenda is implemented, the economy will grow by just under 2 percent per year for most of the decade in terms of inflation. This rate is similar to the historically slow pace of development that the nation has averaged over the last 20 years. By next year, unemployment will fall to 4.1 percent – from today’s 6.1 percent – and will remain below 4 percent in subsequent years.

Former President Donald J. Trump consistently presented budget proposal Which predicted that their policies would push the economy at a constant annual rate of about 3 percent for the entire decade. In its four-year term, the annual increase Reached that rate only once. Final budget Presented by President Barack Obama, When Mr. Biden was vice president, predicted an annual increase of about 2.3 percent on average over a period of a decade.

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