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Biden wants to create a chart to exit the epidemic in prime-time address

With new infections and deaths from severe winter peaks, Biden can raise hopes that better days may be imminent and he will speak to the nation from a position of political strength. He is also armed The newly passed $ 1.9 trillion Kovid-19 rescue package – his first major legacy achievement – representing an ambitious attempt to rebuild the US economy in favor of a less well-off.

“The bill represents a historic, historic victory for the American people,” Biden said, deferring his rescue plan on Wednesday when he finally approved Congress on Wednesday and said he would inform the nation “on what lies ahead.” Happens “dominates the coronovirus.

A clear majority of Americans – 60% – approve the new president’s handling of the epidemic In a new CNN poll. He has reintroduced the nation to a calm, functional leadership and scientific approach to the public health crisis, and ended the stream of vitriol emanating from the Oval Office for four years.
Yet in a national crisis, this deep and one country polarized in less than two months. Former president donald trump Rebellion is nothing remotely common. While the Biden honored campaign promised to take the virus seriously, to secure funds to bring children back to school and to help Americans recover from the economic crisis, their White House was weighed down by stark challenges.

The virus is far from pure. Kovid-19 variants could bring a new spring boom in infections before vaccination campaigns knock them down. Republican governors running to open their states with cases still on a high plateau could cause a new wave of unnecessary deaths.

It would be a huge task to ensure a fast, smooth delivery of the American Rescue Plan largesse and get money quickly in vaccination drives, for example, the pace of epidemic endgame. Any corruption or bureaucratic mess will only fuel Republicans’ claim that the plan is largely liberal.

a Danger of fast-building southern border crisis To get a one-on-one handle with Biden, yet to turn into the first major non-Kovid-19 related emergency of this presidency. Increase of unspecified child migrants Cross-Border. This issue is dangerous for him because it is an area where the Republican Party can gain traction on one of its key issues. Biden captured one of its lowest ratings in the CNN poll – at just 43% immigration – on immigration.

The White House hopes to improve Biden’s reputation for the Bipartisan compromise – battered by unanimous GOP opposition to the Kovid-19 rescue plan – with an infrastructure package. But when the president ventures into more controversial legislative areas, such as a huge voting rights bill that has already passed the House and a climate bill, his popularity will come under pressure. He would have to consider the nuclear option of seeking to eliminate or at least amend Senate Senate filibuster rules that allow Republicans to easily kill the law.

The controversial foreign policy is like an attempt to put Iran back into the nuclear deal, which would also expose Biden to attacks at home.

A historical rapid start

Biden’s success – With Democratic leaders – prominently in the first weeks of his presidency, despite piloting a major piece of legislation through Congress, is a historic achievement with the fastest pace initiated by modern presidents. The new law works on its promise to send $ 1,400 incentive payments to millions of Americans.

If Biden succeeds in making child tax credits, health insurance subsidies and nutritional support measures permanent, he will deserve a spot in the penthouse behind reforming Democratic presidents like Lyndon Johnson and Franklin Roosevelt who drove Americans out Used huge federal power. Of poverty.

In a White House memo received by CNN On Wednesday, officials vowed to sell to the American people at the benefit of the law and get instant cash rolling. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jane O’Malley Dillon wrote in the memo, “It is the administration’s best effort to implement the rescue plan.”

What was true at the beginning of the Biden administration is now true: the president will be judged on his ability to bring the country out of the epidemic. If he succeeds in taking America back to normalcy this year, his place in history will be preserved whatever happens during his tenure. Blanket Republican opposition to the Kovid-19 bill may also seem like a bad bet.

Since assuming office, Biden has led the nation in mourning for 525,000 lost citizens and has steadily increased immunization, which now averages 2 million per day. He is sure to explode to surpass the target of 100 million vaccines of weapons in his first 100 days. Although his team has not agreed to credit the previous administration’s actions in helping to develop the vaccine, it has made tangible improvements to the threadbill rollout effort.

The overhaul of the US counter-pandemic strategy after Trump’s denial and Biden’s success in passing misrule and the Kovid-19 rescue plan leaves an impression that the new president is effectively saving his office means after a lifelong Washington apprenticeship .

For example, he tied up for Merck to manufacture the Kovid-19 vaccine developed by his rival Johnson & Johnson, for example, the far more effective use of monetary powers in the Defense Production Act was managed by the Hungry administration. And Biden’s intervention helped save the moderate democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia introduced a unique liberal bill on the Rescue Act.

Biden’s influence is also being felt in the way he has restored traditional expectations of the president’s behavior and projected human decency from the White House – for example, when he, after his recent cancer, An old friend went to meet former GOP Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. Diagnosis.

Now the President of the United States has not spent his time attacking American democracy, incurring personal quarrels on Twitter, or a painful settlement politically touting in Congress.

As in the campaign, the epidemic enforced chant in his Delaware home made him an elusive political target, Biden’s rationed public appearances have made it harder for Republicans and conservative media to line him up.

Journalists in Washington complain that the new president has not yet held a formal news conference. But the strategy seems to be working. Perhaps because he is an old, white man, Biden is not the kind of lightning rod for right-wing fundamentalists he was at the outset of former President Barack Obama. Pro-Trump pundits have spent the past few weeks writing children’s author Drs. Cess has tried to blow up a storm over issues of culture warfare, such as alleged “cancellation”. The White House has refused to take the bait.

Hard test ahead

Biden's border strategy faces significant test amidst dramatic growth of migrant children

Early victories do not guarantee a successful or ultimately popular president. The job is so vast, and the challenges – from domestic security threats to sudden foreign policy crises – can be severe and unpredictable. The epidemic, which destroyed the economy Trump expected to ride the reunion, is testament to this.

If Biden fails to bring the immigration crisis under control, the success of passing the rescue plan can be quickly forgotten. White House press secretary Jane Saki on Wednesday also denied calling the situation a “crisis”.

The president is now also under extreme pressure on the issue of bringing children back to in-person classes, for example, he has secured billions of dollars for fixes, including improved ventilation in school buildings. While education is largely a state and local responsibility, the most difficult problems reach the president – who gets the blame if they cannot be fixed.

One of the most revealing aspects of the effort to pass the rescue plan was how powerful liberal figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont accepted the bill as a monumental liberal reform. But progressives were disappointed that the $ 15 per hour increase in the federal minimum wage in the Senate had been lifted, and tensions between the party’s rival wings are sure to rekindle.

An important issue in the race to vaccinate Americans and get them back to work is the unresolved threat to American democracy. Republican state legislators across the nation are running to suppress the likely votes of the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential elections, which often discriminate directly against minority and Democratic voters.

The Senate now has to address such behavior to await public attention and could be a defining moment for the American political system.

Given such trials, Biden’s strong start to his presidency is only revealing the height of the political mountain.


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