Biden wants to move on from Capitol Hill drama as he takes infrastructure pitch back on the road

During a speech on the trip, Biden argued that both components of his Build Back Better agenda – a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package and a larger $3.5 trillion bill to expand the social safety net – are essential to the country’s economic growth. Huh, Especially to support middle class and working families.

Biden said he thinks the country is at a historic juncture and the country needs to make the kind of massive investments that it is doing to kick-start a competitive economy like China. The president highlighted China’s spending in education – particularly elementary and higher education – and argued that the US needs to make similar investments.

“We run the risk of losing our edge as a nation. Our infrastructure used to be the best in the world, not literally,” Biden said. “Today, according to the World Economic Forum, we’re ranked 13th. … With all those investments that fueled a strong economy, we’ve taken our foot off the gas. Well, the world has taken notice, our opponents. Including and now they are bridging the gap in a big way.”

In addition to infrastructure, Biden said the country needs to continue investing in its citizens, pushing for measures included in the social safety net proposal organized by Democratic infiltrators.

He particularly highlighted investments in public education, affordable child care and child tax credits as well as tackling the climate crisis.

The president criticized Republicans for tax cuts for the wealthy compared to provisions in their legislative proposals, saying, “My friends on the other team have no problem giving huge tax breaks to billionaires and millionaires. It’s a tax cut. ”

But he also argued that his proposals are not “left versus right, or liberal versus progressive, or anything that pits Americans against each other.”

“These bills are about competition versus complacency. They are about opportunity versus decay. They are about leading the world or letting the world pass us by, which is literally happening,” he continued, Later added, “It’s about the two halves of the law, it’s about the inflection point I mentioned earlier that we are at in our history, world history.”

Biden spoke at the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324 training facility in Howell, and received a tour before his remarks.

The visit to Michigan came after the president met with Democratic members of the House to discuss two economic packages. Senior White House officials were on Capitol Hill last week trying to broker a deal but failed to work out a framework that enough members would sign, forcing Democrats to punt on the agenda.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the White House said the meeting was “a productive discussion about how central to each of these economic growth packages, both physical and human infrastructure, is how we ensure that our economy is driven by the middle class.” and secures our competitiveness around the world.”

Biden told reporters after his speech in Michigan that he expected West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin — a moderate in the party who holds a significant vote in an equally divided Senate — with a price tag above $2.2 trillion. Will support a spending package. Currently swimming.

Asked if he thinks Munchkin will support a more than $2.2 trillion Social Security package, Biden said, “Well, you heard him on television today, it certainly sounds like he’s moving forward.” I hope that is the case.”

Mancini on Tuesday did not deny The range for the package is between $1.9 trillion and $2.2 trillion.

Asked by the White House press pool what he is willing to cut to reduce the package to $2 trillion, Biden reportedly said he wants to make sure the Social Security package is one But everyone agrees, acknowledging that it will be less than $3.5 trillion. . He did not specify which specific investments could be deducted.

Meanwhile, the deadline for raising the debt limit to avoid a US default for the first time is less than two weeks away. Congress has until October 18 to raise the country’s borrowing limit, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers last week, or it could have dire consequences.

Biden said on Monday He could not guarantee that the loan limit would be raised in time because of the “hypocritical, dangerous and shameful” Republican opposition. Congressional Republicans are refusing to supply any votes to raise the debt limit, and Biden said he should vote on a bipartisan basis to pay bills for which both sides are responsible.

A non-profit advocacy group trying to build support for Biden’s policy agenda announced that it is launching a television advertising campaign in Michigan ahead of the president’s visit.

Build Back Together posted on Twitter: “We’re launching a six-figure TV investment in Michigan, ahead of @POTUS Howell’s visit to highlight how the #BuildBackBetter agenda provides jobs and lower costs for everyday families. while the ultra-rich pay their fair share in the end!”

Howell is located in a major swing district to watch ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. The district, which stretches from the heavily Democratic state capital of Lansing through more Republican rural parts of southeastern Michigan to the edge of the Detroit suburbs, is home to moderate Democratic Representative Alyssa Slotkin, who was first elected in 2018. Slotkin was on the site for Biden’s visit.

Former President Donald Trump bested Biden in the 2020 presidential election by 60.5% to 37.9% in Livingston County, where Howell is located. In 2016, Trump led Hillary Clinton from 61.7% to 32.2%. Slotkin won Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, which includes Livingston County, from 50.9% to 47.3%.


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