Sunday, April 11, 2021

Biden’s Gun Control Executive Order: Live Update

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President Biden said he would “use all the resources at my disposal as president to protect the American people from gun violence,” but pushed Congress to pass further legislation.

“They can do it right now. They have offered a plethora of thoughts and prayers to members of Congress, but they have not passed a single new federal law to reduce gun violence,” he said.

“Enough prayer, time for some action,” Biden said.

Biden acknowledged that the gun control issue was a “difficult one” and that for ordinary Americans, it seems “our entire political process is broken.”

Nevertheless, he encouraged the Senate to quickly pass house-pass bills to close gun flaws and Expand background check.

“This is not a partisan issue among the American people. It is an approach by the American people as an American issue. And I am willing to work with anyone. And it’s been a long time since we acted, “said Biden.

Biden called for the Congress to re-enact the Violence Act, saying he acted to pass senators and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

The president said that reducing gun violence in the US would save money for the country, claiming that it is estimated to cost $ 280 billion per year.

“For a fraction of the cost of gun violence, we can save lives, create safe and healthy communities, and build economies that work for all of us.”

During his remarks, Biden insisted that his steps would not apply to the Second Amendment to bear arms.

“No amendment to the constitution is complete,” he said. “From the beginning, you didn’t have any weapons that you wanted to make yourself.”


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