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Biden’s performance scoring on 4 major campaign promises in the first 100 days

Facing his own crisis, he made some big promises about what he hoped to achieve within his first 100 days before taking office president Joe Biden. With a focus on keeping weapons and shots in the pocket, Biden’s 100-day agenda reflects transition officials Told CNN Their priorities were epidemic, starting economic reforms and tackling racial inequality. As their first 100 days in office come to a close, here’s a look at how they measure promises Reality.

promise: Shortly before Biden took office, the US aimed to conduct 100 million vaccine shots within its first 100 days, an average of 1 million doses per day.

Reality: While some early media coverage Expressed doubt Regarding viability, Biden was ultimately criticized for not aiming sufficiently high with this goal. By inauguration day, the country was already on track to achieve the desired level of daily immunization without any additional action by the Biden administration.

That being said, the Biden administration facilitated a partnership with vaccine manufacturers to increase vaccine production and increase availability, helping the country maintain a fast pace of vaccination.

In March, after America reached 100 million vaccinations, Biden Announced He was doubling the target by the end of April, aiming for 200 million. America met That new goal on 21 April. Although Biden is to be praised for this achievement and surpassing his initial vaccination goals, the current pace seems unstable as many Americans are wary of receiving the vaccine.

Reopening school

promise: Apart from vaccines, a big part of the conversation on recovering from it Coronavirus epidemic In the US, the focus is on how quickly schools can be reopened for person-to-person learning. In December, Biden Announced He hoped that “the majority of our schools … open by the end of my first 100 days.”
However, shortly after he took office, there was confusion as to how the administration redefined it. When pressed about his administration’s stand on reopening during the February 16 CNN Town Hall, Biden Clarified By the end of its first 100 days, the “target will be five days a week” especially for K-8 students at or near in-person instruction.
Reality: Although the administration can take steps to reopen and make the schools safe, the decision to reopen is ultimately up to the local communities. As of April 20, elementary and middle schools in more than half of the nation’s 101 largest school districts are offering a full five-day week under the instruction of one person, according to CNN tracking. However, it is worth noting that even though schools are open, some families remain reluctant to send their children back. accordingly Close to one-third of the students, near the US Department of Education, returned to fully individualized instruction when given the option.

Economic relief scheme

promise: Biden’s agenda for his first 100 days in office Include According to the passage of a comprehensive economic aid package responding to the effects of the coronovirus epidemic, with outside groups in contact with the president and his close allies.
Reality: The day before its opening, Biden Unveiled The $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and called on Congress to pass it before some benefits Expires March 14. His proposal included funding for several measures in previous coronavirus relief bills passed under the Trump administration. Despite Republican criticism over the bill’s price tag and some of its provisions, the House Passed it at the end of february. Through a process known as budget reconciliation, the Senate passed the bill without any Republican support. Longest roll call vote In recent Senate history. Biden signed into law on 11 March.
Investment veteran Goldman Sachs Predicted Biden’s stimulus plan could result in the fastest GDP growth in decades.

criminal justice

promise: After George Floyd’s death, Biden Committed If to create a National Police Inspection Commission for the presidency within the first 100 days of being elected.
Reality: This is a promise Biden has not followed through. Before his 100th day, his administration decided to stand on such a commission, and would instead try to pass police reform through legislation. In Wake up Of Another black man shot by the police In the US, Susan Rice, director of Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, announced the decision in a statement.
“Based on close, respectful consultation with partners in the civil rights community, the administration decided that the Police Commission would not be the most effective way to deliver on our highest priority in the region at this time, which Rice said George Floyd Sign Justice in Policing Law Statement.
According to A source familiar with the administration’s effortsThe decision was made after negotiations with civil rights leaders and police unions and in “close cooperation” with the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.


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