Sunday, May 9, 2021

Black History, Continue: How Do We Learn to Dream

Our dreams inspire the ever expanding universe of creation – from comic books and films to art and poetry. And in the right hands, they can also undergo transformational change. What motivates us to dream big?

Join the times Veronica Chambers, As he investigates the mysterious alchemy of imagination – through dialogue, poetry, art, and song.

See a reading from the poet and distinguished professor at the University of Virginia Tech Nikki Giovanni. Singer, actress and radio host performance Estelle. And an extensive conversation with the director of “Spider-Man: In the Spider-Word” Peter ramsey And author NK Gemisin – All woven together from original animations Reyna Noriega.

Then, as The Times sits John eligon interact with Brandon Dasant, Ashanti Scott And Thandiwe Abdullah – Three courageous young activists whose dreams of a more just and just society inspire them to action.

This is the opening episode of our annual series “Black History, Continued”. You can find more information about the series including articles, interactive experiences and more Here.

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