‘Blue Miracle’ Review: Fishing Lessons

Extremely emotional and simple, Julio Quintana’s “Blue Miracle”, set in Cabo San Lucas in 2014, turns a potentially compelling Dalit story into a sermon. But if you’re in the mood to watch Dennis Quade learn and grow – and engage in tragic conversations about fatherhood – then take the right steps.

As Wade Malloy, the award-winning fisherman, reveals a frantic desperation that Quaid, who had a tendency to do it, would be unconvincing for the script’s home-scattered march toward uplift. Temperamental by nature and morally reprehensible, Malloy finds that he can only enter the latest fishing tournament if he has a local man on his team. Enter Papa Omar (Jimmy Gonzales), the saint director of an orphanage. In a bank loan for more than $ 100,000, Omar needs the contest’s prize money to avoid eviction. That he does not know that the other end of the fishing rod is irrelevant.

Based on a true story, “Blue Miracle” is heavily influenced by slapdash plotting and superficial morality. (A scene where Omar is tempted by his criminal past unduly emphasizes his improvised authenticity.) Realism is not a priority: When the orphanage is flooded by Hurricane Odile, the water disappears on its own. Nor has it been clarified that the three orphans – broadly printed as smart, funny, and tough kids with issues – have also been included in the fishing crew, with their contribution to the task at hand being minimal in donations. Can be described as.

What is clear, however, is that if the depiction of the events of the film is even close to accurate, the result is indeed a miracle.

Blue miracle
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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