Bo Schimbacher’s son says he was abused by team doctor in Michigan

There was public silence about Anderson for decades. Schimbekler said he chose to come forward now, however, that it would be “irresponsible” not to disclose what happened.

“I thought I could make an impact and make a change and help prevent this stop happening to anyone again,” Schiebekler said. “I’ve always been proactive and ready to put myself out there to help other people.”

Michigan President Mark Schlissel and the Board of Regents said in a statement Thursday: “Our sympathies are deep and unwavering for all of Anderson’s victims, and we thank him for his bravery in coming forward.” Officials said they are “committed to resolving their claims and continuing the confidential arbitration process as directed by the court.”

Recent and substantive inquiries into Anderson’s behavior began in 2018, when a member of a 1970s wrestling team wrote to Michigan’s athletic director and accused Anderson of wrongdoing. The letter led to a police investigation, and in February 2020, the university announced that “several individuals” had made claims against Anderson.

The announcement, and the university’s plea for additional information, sparked several new complaints about the doctor and, ultimately, the report was made public last month. In it, a law firm appointed by the university said Anderson had engaged in a “broad range” of misconduct and that Michigan officials had not acted against him despite “credible reports.”

β€œHe continued to provide medical services to student-athletes and other patients – and to engage in sexual abuse with a large number of them – for the rest of his career,” the report said. Investigators believe Anderson victimized hundreds of people during his tenure, when he often worked in a building named after Bo Schimbachler.

The report described some instances in which student-athletes reported concerns about Anderson, who retired in 2003, to Bo Schimbekler, recalling one that the coach responded with a simple advice. Was: “Tighten up.”

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