Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bolsonaro replaces top military commanders after cabinet reshuffle

Tuesday announcement The period of tumult in the highest rank of Brazil’s leadership continuesJust a day after arriving, President Jair Bolsonaro suddenly changed the shuffle to six government ministers designed to secure greater loyalty in the form of the country’s Kovid-19 crisis balloon.

Now Army generals Edson Pujul, Navy’s Ilis Barbosa, and Air Force’s Antonio Carlo Bermudez are out of their positions, the Brazilian Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday.

The official notice reads, “The decision was taken at a meeting in the presence of the (newly) Defense Minister, Braga Netto, former Defense Minister Fernando Azivedo and armed forces commanders.

General Fernando Azivedo was removed from his post as Brazil’s defense minister a day earlier, after he issued a statement saying that he “protected the armed forces as a state institution.”

The successors of the three military leaders will be selected by Bolsonro from the list of names sent to them by each branch of the armed forces. Tradition calls for Bolsonaro to appoint the oldest generals.

The president has indicated in recent weeks that he could reduce the state of emergency against the lockdown measures implemented by state governors by referring to the armed forces as “my army”. According to the Brazilian press, the generals were being pressured to make public announcements in support of the president’s plans.

There is increasing pressure on the President in large-scale new cases. Brazil recorded another record-breaking number of Kovid-19 deaths on Tuesday: 3,780 dead in the last 24 hours.

A total of 317,646 people have been confirmed dead due to the virus in Brazil since the epidemic began. 12.6 million people in the country Kovid-19 has been diagnosed.


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