Bombers kill 88 in northwest Nigeria


The criminals barged into eight villages, killing people and driving away residents, police said, adding that 88 people died. Details began to emerge on Saturday.

A spokesman for KB Governor Abubakar Bagudu said on Sunday that the attackers had come from neighboring Niger and Zamfara states, rustling cattle and destroying crops.

Gunmen have intensified attacks on communities in the region in recent years, forcing thousands to flee Nigeria’s northern border to Niger. The attackers have become globally infamous for mass kidnappings in schools, kidnapping more than 800 students since December.

large scale violence created a humanitarian crisisinternational aid group Medicines Sans Frontieres said on Thursday.

On Sunday, the governor promised financial aid, and urged “communities in the region to be tolerant, friendly, friendly and peaceful,” his spokesman said in a statement.


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