Books about racism and police violence fill the list titled ‘Most Challenged’

In most states, efforts have begun to ban or censor books in school boards, said James Blasingham, an English professor at Arizona State University and the executive director of the Legislative Assembly on Literature for Teens. Most of the objections to the more than 270 books that the Library Association said were challenged in 2020 occurred in schools and public libraries and were initiated by parents, patrons and board members.

A legal standard for banning books was addressed in a 1982 Supreme Court case In which the court found that books could not be extracted from the school library or syllabus merely because no one agreed with the views of any book. Based on his previous experience as a school administrator, Blassingam said that books that typically elicit strong opinions, especially for snippets or short passages, are taken into account, even without the entirety of the book.

“Most of my experience, when I am invited by school boards to say what I know about a book, is that parents who don’t mind don’t read the book, they Don’t really know what it is “said.

The number of children’s books by black authors and about black children in the United States has increased over the years, but experts and authors believe that there is still room for improvement. Of the nearly 4,000 books towards children and adolescents to be published in 2019, 232 were written by black authors, and only 471 had black letters, according to the data Co-operative Children’s Book Center At the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

“There are more books that reflect contemporary times, and that’s what young adult literature does and does very well,” Durand said. “Then, as more books are available, you see a backlash to those, especially those who are popular.”

In his own experience, Thomas said, resentment from parents and school districts has only encouraged younger readers to grab copies of “The Hate You Goes”, making it one of the New York Times best-seller lists Is in place.

“Even when they ban it, they can’t silence it,” she said.

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