Brad Pitt awarded temporary joint custody of his six children


Sources said the decision was made a few weeks ago and Jolie’s legal team has already appealed against the judge’s decision.

CNN contacted Pitt representatives and Jolie’s lawyers declined to comment.

“The recent decision in the custody case is a temporary one. It is a statutory process that is underway, and we are far from a final resolution to anything. Angelina believes that she and the children are denied a fair trial A source close to Jolie has been and will tell CNN, “Continue to find the best solution for children and their well-being.”

A hearing is scheduled for July 9 in a California appellate court.

The couple announced their split in 2016. They are No longer legally married But the terms of their divorce have not yet been finalized.
Jolie talked about her separation from Pitt last year, Vogue India is telling, “I parted for the good of my family. It was the right decision. I continue to pay attention to his treatment.”


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