Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving defends her decision not to get vaccinated.

Kyrie Irving, the NBA star who has been barred indefinitely His refusal to practice or play with the Brooklyn Nets because of his refusal to receive a COVID-19 vaccine was publicly spoken on Wednesday night for the first time since the team decided to keep him off the court, saying his refusal It was a matter of personal liberty. .

“You think I really want to lose money?” Irving, who is set to earn a salary of about $40 million this season, said in a horrifying monologue on his Instagram feed that included false medical information. more than 90 percent Players in the league are vaccinated, which is much higher than the general population of the United States.

“You think I really want to give up on my dream of going after the championship?” Irving, 29, said. “You think I really just want to quit my job? You think I really want to sit at home?”

On Tuesday, the Nets said they barred Irving from playing until he “qualifies to be a full participant”. Most teens and adults in New York City need at least one vaccination shot to enter facilities such as a playground, and Irving hasn’t practiced with the Nets in Brooklyn. Irving joined the Nets in 2019 as he built a team of superstars that includes Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Irving asked that his decision to go without vaccination be respected and said he had no plans to retire. He denied vaccination in protest of the mandate, saying no one should be “forced” to do so.

Irving liar Claimed that his decision to go without vaccination does not harm other people. highly contagious delta version has spread rapidly in areas with low vaccination rate. And Hospital in those areas rose up with unvaccinated Patients, except some beds and staff members for the treatment of other patients.

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