Burned to the ground: How 60 Years of Racial Violence Shaped America

TThe acts of racial violence that we have described here represent only some of the atrocities that historians are still learning today.

Anniversary, like Tulsa, becomes an opportunity for entire towns to re-examine their past, and we found that individuals did a lot of this work – either professional historians or local history enthusiasts.

Local media has been instrumental in publicizing the work of historians that has fueled conversations about these events. We have also seen newspapers that were able to rely on their own collections for these reconstructions, such as Chicago tribune.

Researchers who have long studied these phenomena are increasingly adding them to digital projects, where the patterns are more visible to a wider audience. Racial Violence Archive Made by Professor Geoff Ward at Washington University in St. Louis. He told CNN that he created the collection because he saw that many of these stories were suppressed and that “the digital archive provides another way into this research and, hopefully, the work of computation.”

James Loewen, who wrote the bestseller “Lies My Teacher Told Me” before his book “Sundown Towns”, had a long-standing database where he and his small, mostly volunteer team collected submissions on cities that People of color used to try to get them out. He told CNN that he still hears about new events and puts them His site.

Organizations like Blackpast.org, Smithsonian Institution and PBS have also put free resources online about this history.

Like Forsyth, communities across the country are working with it Equal justice initiative And others come down more and more memorials to the Union as an interesting event, to place markers in memory of their violent history.

Finally, whenever we researched an incident for this project, we looked at whether there was any official repayment of funds or return of assets. In many cases, governments have offered official amnesty or recognized victims of racial violence, but survivors and descendants have rarely received any financial compensation that they have incurred.

It also includes the 1921 Tulsa massacre, for which no one was ever held accountable, and those who survived were not paid any compensation. Despite continued efforts.

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